White label SEO

White label SEO is a money-spinner for digital marketing agencies. Statistics reveal that a sizeable portion of the annual revenue of most agencies comes from the sale of SEO services.

This is the reason why agencies pay a lot of attention to White label SEO. They focus on two main aspects:

– Ensuring that projects in hand are delivered on a timely basis.
– Ensuring that the sales funnel looks healthy.

If these parameters are maintained, then the agencies are well-established in the market and have a solid operating base. However, in case the agencies fail to generate leads and convert opportunities, then they are likely to face troubled times.

Whether the agencies are successful or not, depends upon the strategies they adopt. Mentioned below are strategies that were adopted by four different agencies and as you will see, all the four strategies were successful.

Agency 1 – Focus:  “Keep the focus on the local market”
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– Strategy and implementation plan:
True to its focus the agency took a strategic decision not to spread its sales & marketing efforts over a wide area. Instead, it focused on the local market with a specific niche in mind. It was familiar with the local businesses and so was able to tailor a solution that was specific to their needs. Once it got their attention, the agency was able to put them on a white label SEO Resller program. All the SEO campaigns were effectively run with the SEO provider.

– Takeaway:
By spreading too wide, the agency ran the risk of losing its focus and generating insufficient leads. This was a correct assessment because actually, it was the local knowledge of the market that really worked in favor of the agency.

Agency 2 – Focus: “Be a good salesman and let your SEO provider take care of the operations.”
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– Strategy and implementation plan:
The agency was aware that digital marketing and SEO services are not its forte. However, as it was doing front-end selling for these offerings, it made up its lack of knowledge in this field with the help of sales and marketing material given to it by the SEO provider. In this way, it was able to fill-up the gaps in its knowledge base and was able to effectively position itself in front of its customers as an expert in SEO services and digital marketing.

– Takeaway:
The agency did the right thing by focusing itself on sales and letting the SEO provider take care of day-to-day operations. It recognized the fact that sales were its strong point and so went further on to build up on it sales skills and leverage them when dealing with its customers.

Agency 3 – Focus: “Complement SEO services with other offerings such as web design and digital marketing.”
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– Strategy and implementation plan:
The agency took a strategic decision to add SEO services to its existing portfolio of web design and development services. It had hitherto been selling these services only to lawyers, dentists and other professionals. However, due to the limited size of offerings, its revenues were not growing and it was unable to scale up. It made a plan to offer SEO services on a complementary basis to its clients; generate their interest and then offer it as a full-fledged service.

– Takeaway:
The strategy worked. From an average monthly revenue of USD 6000 per month, the agency was able to grow its revenue to almost USD 42000 per month.

Agency 4 – Focus: “Work on the dormant leads in your business and convert them to potential/ real customers.”
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– Strategy and implementation plan:
Although the sales funnel of the agency was big, it had holes in it. There were numerous missed appointments and forgotten follow-ups. As a result, out of their large lead base, there were very few active leads. This was the biggest pain point of the agency.

To fix this issue, the agency decided to reach out to its dormant lead base with an offer that would interest them. They purchased an organic SEO reseller package and pitched the site audit tool of the dashboard to its customers. Some leads showed an interest and the agency did an audit of their website and presented them with results and a recommended action plan.

Quite a few of the leads found the offer very interesting. They gave their go-ahead to the recommendations and came on board.

– Takeaway:
Dormant leads must also be taken up seriously. Sometimes, they hold more potential than you think. Therefore, as a thumb rule always keep pitching your offerings to your active and dormant leads.

All the four agencies witnessed tremendous growth by offering white label SEO services. Their strategy was simple – complement their digital offerings with white label SEO, focus on the local market, reach out to active and inactive clients and let the SEO provider take care of operations.

At the end of the day, their strategy paid off.
They were able to create a new service offering for themselves and this was a big differentiator between them and other agencies. This helped them build additional revenue streams and improve their revenues.

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