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SEO Expert

Today SEO experts rely on user experience to optimize website rankings.

UX optimization focuses on the visitor and seeks to understand user behavior and patterns influencing it. This data forms the basis on which search algorithms get tweaked in order to give visitors more of what they want and less of what they don’t.

As a thumb rule, SEO experts need to align a few UX practices with their SEO efforts and these are:

Keyword Analysis:
Keywords need to be chosen carefully as they impact everything from web design to site messaging to navigation to content of the site.

Searcher Language
This should be native to the language that is used in the industry.

Searcher intent
Keywords and phrases should be chosen to reflect what the searchers want.

Entice the click
Search listing should be written in a language that encourages searchers to click on a website and simple bland language should be avoided.

Title tags
These should be written with keywords that are most likely to get a searcher’s attention.

URLs/ Breadcrumbs
The page URL and breadcrumb trail must add value to the searcher’s intent.

Meta Descriptions
These should be written in a way so that searchers find them relevant and want to click the link.

Keep the Scent
SEO experts must ensure that searchers find the content on a website for which they had come on the website.

Site ID
There should be an appropriate logo and a tagline that best describes the website.

Header Tags
They are also called as H1 tags. SEO experts must ensure that searchers find relevant content in H1 tag as per what they are looking.

Easy Navigation
Products and services should not be hidden under a “shop”. Rather they should be displayed in the navigation and grouped into relevant headings.

Content optimization
Content should be created using keywords and should have links that direct searchers to more information.

Calls to action
Must have primary and secondary goals in order to keep the visitor engaged.

Be Fast
Site should be lightning fast and pages should be fast to load.

Image compression
Images should be saved in the best format and made lighter. Compression tools can help here.

Streamlined code
Code should be kept lean and clean.

Fast servers
SEO experts should propose using dedicated servers instead of using shared servers.

Always be testing
SEO experts must ensure that whatever can be tested, it should be tested.

Driven Content Marketing Approach

The SEO industry has matured from having a keyword-focused approach to a topic-driven model as search engines now rely more on semantic search.

Although bolded exact match keywords in titles and meta descriptions are factors that still decide which pages searcher click on, new research has shown that focusing on topics first and then picking keywords is a better SEO strategy for two main reasons: Read More →

Achieve A Natural Link Landscape

Sometimes, your link building agency can do more harm to your site than good. Some SEO companies implement risky and shady techniques to play with the search engines and find their way to the top of the search engine results. If these wrong practices are caught by the search engines, they will resort to taking manual action on the given website. Here are a few ways to appear clean and avoid Google Penalties. Read More →

Product Pages For SEO

Product pages are highly important in the world of ecommerce to generate more sales and make more profits. We do come across a lot of marketers who earn a huge sum of money by selling shortcuts to earning money on the internet. Due to this, a number of ecommerce store owners are made to believe that there exist some shortcuts to optimizing their product page. Some site owners are found to just copy and paste the product descriptions found on other sites for the similar pages as it can give them quick results. Know that such short cut is often dangerous as it can adversely affect the SEO of such product pages. Hence it is important for you to implement the following options to optimize your product pages instead of resorting to unhealthy shortcuts to the process. Read More →