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Not just product promotion, a seasoned eCommerce SEO company India is doing much more with its client’s website. A marketing agent looks at an Ecommerce website like a storefront requiring enough time and effort to become successful in today’s highly competitive online marketplace.

Therefore, their team implements a comprehensive set of strategies to improve several aspects of an eCommerce website. It all means that they are seeing the big picture in front of them and exploring comprehensive ways to make their clients’ websites outshine those of their competitors in every regard.

While working with a reliable and knowledgeable eCommerce SEO company India, you get to improve several important aspects of your website and consequently impact the user experience in a highly positive way. The far reaching consequences of this strategy can result in enhancing the brand image, increase the number of visits, lead to more conversions, and boost up sales and profits.

Here are a few crucial aspects of your Ecommerce website that a skilled eCommerce SEO company transforms.

Ordering and checkout process

The digital shopping cart of an eCommerce website keeps adding the products the customer likes and wishes to purchase. The concept of online shopping cart has been around us for quite some time. However, over its evolution, it has seen several improvements and sophistications. It is necessary that the ordering and checkout processes are customer friendly and quick. If the visitor is not happy or comfortable with the checkout process, you might end up losing a potential sale.

One of the most crucial tasks of a marketing team is to ensure the customer’s experience at the shopping cart happens quickly. They may introduce some innovative guest checkout processes like ‘Buy Now’ options for quick single item buy. This can help avoid the full round of cart experience. The ability to order quickly is needed to boost up sales and generate more income.

One another area where the marketing team lays its hands is introducing some add-on options for the shopping cart. For instance, if a visitor places an order for portable electronic battery, the website page automatically recommends related items like disposable batteries to power the gadget. When a customer orders for a piece of clothing, they may get recommendations of matching accessories that can complement the items they buy. Such add-ons can help sell more products and increase the profits earned from every sale.

Website UX on mobile phones

Majority of customers search for products and services on their mobile phones and do the shopping on their android or Apple phones. Therefore, the marketing teams work to check the quality of the website’s user experience on mobile phones. They help improve the mobile website interface and functions for easy navigation. By introducing a host of user friendly features on the mobile version of websites, they make the user experience a pleasure. Their objective is to make the mobile website run smoothly, feature large text, and enable the customers with easy checkout process.

Mobile versions of websites can also incorporate multiple marketing strategies. For instance, when customers enable text alerts sent by your business, you can sent them some promotional links through the texts forwarded. If a customer clicks on the URL embedded text, it will lead them to your website on their phone via a direct link to discover a great shopping experience.

When it is time to scale up your store, the marketing team can provide you a valuable assistance in designing and launching a mobile app for your business so that the customers can shop via the app rather than ordering on a mobile browser.

Comprehensive product promotion strategies

While shopping online, most customers like to avoid straight up retail prices. There is an endless number of more effective ways to promote products such as discounts and coupons. With the help of the findings of analytics and studies, a marketing team can recommend and implement some effective product promotion strategies like percentage discounts, free shipping or some other kinds of freebies.

By studying the results of such promotional efforts, you can channelize your marketing efforts in future. They may also recommend some exclusive promotions to target loyal customers who bring you repeat sales. Such promotions can help boost up sales, bring in more customers and retain the existing customers.

Rectifying errors and glitches on the website

A successful website must be able to provide a seamless experience for the shoppers. Marketing companies help in identifying the errors and flaws in the website that can adversely impact the user experience and turn down potential customers. Their detailed analysis can help make some useful changes to the website and make the entire customer experience easy and rewarding.


Marketing agencies like Ecommerce SEO company India are playing a crucial role in developing comprehensive set of marketing strategies to implement via their clients’ eCommerce websites. Their crucial role in augmenting the capabilities of eCommerce websites can never be overstated.