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Amazon PPC Expert

Though Amazon is the most popular avenue for sellers to market their products, online selling experts reveal us that 19 out of 20 Amazon listings are not optimized the right way. This is due to two drawbacks. The sellers have not input the correct keywords to satisfy Amazon’s algorithm. Secondly, the listings do not feature correct copy and images to bring about high visitor conversion rates. Unless you have a great listing page, people are not going to buy your products. Here we try to understand how to build a highly profitable product on Amazon before you boost your sales with the help of an Amazon PPC expert. Read More →

Amazon PPC Expert

Amazon has the most prominent presence in the eCommerce industry selling more than 200 million products on their site. Merchants selling on Amazon must focus on Amazon SEO in order to be able to effectively compete with the rest of the sellers on the Ecommerce store. Since the Amazon SEO behaves totally in a different way, you need to adopt the right SEO strategy to do well on the world’s largest selling online store. Read More →