Amazon PPC Expert

Though Amazon is the most popular avenue for sellers to market their products, online selling experts reveal us that 19 out of 20 Amazon listings are not optimized the right way. This is due to two drawbacks. The sellers have not input the correct keywords to satisfy Amazon’s algorithm. Secondly, the listings do not feature correct copy and images to bring about high visitor conversion rates. Unless you have a great listing page, people are not going to buy your products. Here we try to understand how to build a highly profitable product on Amazon before you boost your sales with the help of an Amazon PPC expert.

Make your listing attractive
A quick glance of your products listing page must reveal the viewer what you are trying to sell and make them get interested in your products. Ask your family members and friends to glance the listing for about five seconds and find out how it feels. If they will feel like buying your products, then the listing is successful and if not, then you must do something drastically to improve it.

Build the pages first for mobiles and tablets
Making sure that your listing looks great on non-desktop devices is very important to make your products sell well. Hence build your Amazon listing pages and websites primarily for mobiles. Since Amazon is hyper-optimized for mobiles, it is most likely that your listing will come out very well. Whenever you make any changes, it is necessary to double check your listing once again.

Mistakes to avoid with Amazon listings
Never imagine that just launching your products will assure sales. A lot of merchants on Amazon never make any money. During the first year, over 95% of businesses fail. Amazon is a predominantly price oriented market. If you do not have a competent price for your products, never imagine you can sell on the platform. At the same time, lowering your prices to below 10% margin is risky as you will lose a lot of money. Never make a temporary dip in prices. If you are going to increase the prices after sometime, the customers are never going to come back to you.

Give importance to user intent
Never forget that most people do not fully read Amazon’s listings. They do not like to read the products descriptions fully. They are hasty to make decisions when it comes to buying. Within the first few seconds, your listing page must be powerful enough to persuade the buyer to place an order. If this does not happen, you are going to lose your opportunity to sell. Approach the topic of user intent from different angles and fine tune your product listings to appeal to the customers.

Understand the Amazon algorithm
If you can generate more money to Amazon, Amazon will be interested in keeping you on top of their listings. If this does not happen, then you are going to lose your position. The cycle is this. You make more money to Amazon, they in turn make you more money to earn through you and the cycle continues. When you make them less money, they will rank you lower and you will in turn make only less money.

Work on the listing perfectly
Fine tune your product headings, images, descriptions and other aspects to appeal to your customers. Sell the benefits mentioning what problems your products address and how they help solve these problems and what additional advantages they bring your customers. These are the high selling points that will fetch you more traffic and sales. Focus on who your audience is and perfect the listing page to satisfy their expectations in order to win the game.