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What is Amazon PPC

Amazon PPC or pay per click has been around us since 2012. Since its debut this popular platform has been benefiting businesses with their advertisement campaigns assuring high returns on low investment. Here we discuss how to get started with Amazon PPC and run a highly successful online marketing campaign.

What is Amazon PPC

The other name of Amazon PPC is ‘Sponsored Products’ as the ads showcasing the products displayed in the search results are paid for and not ranked organically in those slots. In this way Amazon ads provide an avenue for businesses to purchase a position on top of the Amazon’s search results. The name Amazon Pay Per Click indicates that the advertisers pay every time when a customer clicks on the given ad.

Amazon Sponsored Ads

How Amazon PPC works?

Amazon advertising is a keyword and auction type. The sellers need to make a bid on some keywords for which they want their products to display. The seller making the highest bid will get the first position in Amazon search results the subsequent positions will be given to the bids of subsequent bid values. Hence, we can call this Amazon Adwords as it works similar to the Google’s advertising system.

Any seller having a professional selling plan can place Amazon PPC ads under the category to which their offerings belong to. Ads are run only for single products and are automatically linked to the products listing page of the given product. Amazon generates the content for this ad automatically with the title, details and pictures.

How Amazon PPC works

Type of Amazon Ads

Most of us are familiar with banner ads. The digital world is today replete with them and they are the most popular tools for campaigners. However, Amazon banner ads have something magical about them. While landing on the search engines results page, they seem to create a lot of tumult and hubbub. Labeled by Amazon as the headline search ads, they are offered as part of the Amazon marketing services. Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) is the product promotion segment of Amazon that let the vendors and merchants create targeted announcements pertaining to their products. The most popular services provided by the AMS include Amazon Pages, Product Display Ads, Headline Search Ads and Sponsored Products Ads.

Headline Search Ads

Why Choose Us

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Keyword Research

Keywords should be relevant to our products, have search volume and which can generate sales..

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We always do the techinical audit, analyse the On-Page SEO issues, backlinks, organic traffic analysis before starting the campaign

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Build brand awareness

Company Brand Become more visible on the internet and this increases their recall value in the eyes of the consumers.

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Ethical Approach

Follow Ethical Approach for long-term ranking, Understand new search paradigm and strategies that helps in your ecommerce brand buiding and product achieve higher rankings in search engine results.

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Optimized content

Content Optimization play imporant role in page optimization, for Ecommerce website we always add some content on most important products, category and blog pages.

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24 x 7 Technical Support

We are focussed on customer support and technical support throughout the day 24 x 7 across all time zones.

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