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Amazon PPC Services

Use of mobile devices and global broadband connectivity has facilitated eCommerce business globally. Today people prefer to buy online than go to a supermarket or a neighborhood store. Even within the eCommerce world, more than half of all eCommerce sales happen on Amazon

At TechIndia Software , we work closely with our clients and enable them leverage Amazon advertising to boost the sales of their products. We run campaigns for them using Amazon PPC (Pay-Per-Click). Amazon ads allows our clients to feature their products both in regular search results and as competing products related to an item that a customer might be thinking of buying.

Our Amazon PPC management strategy is based on sound principles. To start with, we establish realistic goals based on your exact needs and tailored to your budget. Our consultants guide you throughout the process to explain how differential increases in budget will yield certain results. We research on keywords that are relevant to your product and place bids on them. To ensure flawless performance, test campaigns are implemented in real time. These rank your products higher and bring more valuable traffic to your website. Your competitor moves are continuously checked and monitored. Important lessons learnt, if any, are incorporated into your strategy.

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Key Benefits of amazon integration & development

Increase In Sales

Our team of Android experts enables our clients to launch their apps on the Google Play store. Thereafter we run Amazon PPC campaigns to make the apps visible over search engines.

Stock Updates Are Done Automatically

Our design team uses beautiful themes to create landing pages that are user friendly and enhance user experience. These help in improving visibility and bringing traffic to the website.

Integration Is Native

Our experts design eye-catching ads that enable your app to stand out in the competition at all stages of the lifecycle – either during the hosting, or during the promotion.

Conversion Of Visitors To Customers

We build customer stickiness by using next-gen Amazon PPC marketing techniques. The goal is to engage with visitors who are on your app landing page and convert them to customers.

Smooth Multi-channel Management

As part of the marketing strategy, our goal is to build good public relations related to your app and we do this by publishing articles, blogs and press releases on known websites and social media channels.

App Description

We provide a rich description of the app especially its functionality, so that users appreciate its features and make it popular on the play store.

Security And Feedback

We put emphasis on user feedback and apps on the play store have features through which they can solicit feedback and reviews from users; who check them out and rate them.

Social Media Network

We place the ads & the links related to your app on social media networks and these are shared by users among themselves and with others. This builds strong links to your app.

Correct Categorization

We ensure a correct categorization of your app. This is done by writing a suitable title and description of the app and ensuring that it has market leading keywords.

Why Our Customers Love Us?

We prepare a realistic plan with achievable goals. This ensures that implementation is 100% as per plan and all targets are achieved All tasks are done in-house by our own team and so chances of error are reduced.

We use latest next-gen tools in our work, even though they might be more expensive. This ensures that our work is of high quality and gets done faster.

Our experts build your custom Amazon PPC strategy based on your budget and requirements. Recommendations proposed are accepted and the campaign is tracked in real time.

We continuously keep optimizing the app by bringing-in new ideas and tips. An optimized apps leads to a greater number of downloads and also brings in more traffic More products keep getting ordered and this improves your ROI.

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Amazon PPC Management involves the strategic management and optimization of pay-per-click advertising campaigns on the Amazon platform. Our services include campaign setup, keyword research, ad creation, bid management, and performance analysis.

Amazon PPC allows sellers to promote their products directly to potential customers on Amazon. It's essential for increasing product visibility, driving traffic, and boosting sales on the platform.

We help you create and manage effective PPC campaigns to increase product discoverability, drive high-intent traffic, and improve your return on investment (ROI) through strategic advertising.

We manage various types of Amazon PPC campaigns, including Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Display campaigns, tailored to your products and goals.

When choosing our services, consider our expertise in Amazon PPC, client testimonials, industry insights, and our ability to align with your brand and objectives.

Our engagement models are flexible and can include monthly management, project-based contracts, or customized plans based on your specific Amazon advertising goals and budget.

Yes, we specialize in campaign optimization, including keyword optimization, bid management, A/B testing, and budget allocation to maximize ROI

Results vary based on factors such as campaign maturity, competition, and product demand. While some results may be immediate, achieving significant impact often requires several weeks or months of optimization.

We strictly follow ethical advertising practices on Amazon and ensure compliance with Amazon's advertising policies and guidelines.

Absolutely, we provide regular performance reports and analytics, enabling you to monitor campaign progress, sales, advertising costs, and ROI.

To ensure a successful partnership, avoid challenges like overbidding on keywords, neglecting to optimize product listings, or failing to align your advertising strategy with your overall Amazon business goals.

Yes, we offer strategic guidance, keyword research, and ad content creation to ensure your PPC campaigns align with your brand and product positioning.

Selecting the right Amazon PPC Management services is crucial for achieving your advertising goals on the platform. Collaborate closely with us to develop a customized Amazon PPC strategy that aligns with your brand and objectives

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