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Magento is one of the world's most popular eCommerce platforms today that is used by merchants globally. Firstly, it is open source, flexible and easy to use. Secondly, it is an end-to-end eCommerce platform that works right from the stage of designing a store; to marketing it and thirdly,provides an array of tools to build feature-rich and scalable eCommerce shops.

TechIndia Software is a pioneer in Magento development. This is our core competency and our team of Magento developers participates and engages with you in an agile way during the development process, whether it is for an existing store, or a brand new store. We build enhanced features into your store that improve its user experience and boosts sales. We use Scrum and agile development techniques and bring innovation to the table.

Among other things, our expert Magento developers enable you to carry out PSD to Magento conversion, customization of various Magento themes, extensions and integration with 3rd party API providers. Our team is familiar with standard development practices and uses GIT, development environments and maintains backups of work accomplished.

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PSD to Magento conversion service providers offering the following services

User Friendly Online Store
Our team of Magento developers builds user friendly online stores that are easy to navigate and serve as a delight to customers who find it easy to browse and flip through the store.
PSD To Magneto Integration Services
We are the pioneers in Magento development and our team has extensive expertise in slicing PSD files meticulously and integrating them into Magento files
Custom Magento Module Development Services
Our team keeps pace with the latest updates in technology and takes an agile approach to leverage technical innovations in the field of Magento. With this background our expert team is able to build custom Magento modules easily for use in Magento websites
Magento Custom Web Development Services
Our expert team of Magento developers does customization on the Magento CMS and creates modules as per your requirements and within your timelines and budget.
PSD To Magento Theme Development & Customization Services
Our Magento experts have hands-on expertise in conversion from PSD to Magento and help you chose themes that match your brand value and corporate image. Customization and development is carried out as per your needs.
Our Magento experts leverage our knowledge of W3C standards and offer the very best user experience to our clients and make the website stand out among competitors.
We provide ongoing support & maintenance services to our clients to take care of issues during development and at time of launch. Thereafter, we also have contracts that take care of future needs to scale up and add new features or functionalities.
Our Magento experts develop Magento themes having beautiful and professional interfaces that provide exceptionally good user experience while navigating the website.
Our Magento experts improve the visibility of Magento websites with our accurate and pixel precise manually coded markups.

Why Our Customers Love Us?

Our Magento developers make judicious use of the Order Management feature and enable our clients take care of elements such as viewing and editing orders, creating one or more shipments, credit memos, invoices etc.
Our Magento developers are able to convert PSDfiles to integrate into Magento in such a way that allows our clients to control multiple websites or stores through one Administration Panel We also carry out Multivariate Testing.
We provide Magento integration services that that provide SSL support and one-page checkout facility without the need for an account. Hence there is no need to create an account.
We offer our clients the facility to use digital & downloadable images of the products and other features such as Google base integration, batch export as well as import of products and advanced inventory management.

Knowledge Base

  • What are Magento Developers, and why would I need to hire them?
    Magento Developers are professionals who specialize in working with the Magento e-commerce platform. You would want to hire them to leverage their expertise in building, customizing, and maintaining Magento-based online stores, ensuring a seamless and effective e-commerce presence.
  • What distinguishes a skilled Magento Developer from an average one?
    A skilled Magento Developer has extensive experience with Magento, understands best practices, and can create custom solutions tailored to your business needs. They are proficient in working with Magento extensions, themes, and modules, and have a proven track record of successful projects.
  • What services can I expect from a Magento Developer?
    Magento Developers offer a range of services, including website development, theme customization, module development, performance optimization, security enhancements, and ongoing maintenance and support for your Magento-based e-commerce store.
  • Can I hire Magento Developers for both new projects and existing stores?
    Yes, you can hire Magento Developers for both scenarios. They can help you create a new Magento store from scratch or enhance and maintain an existing one to improve its functionality and performance.
  • How do I choose the right Magento Developer for my project?
    When selecting a Magento Developer, consider their experience, portfolio, client references, proficiency in Magento versions (Magento 1 or Magento 2), and their ability to understand your business goals. Clear communication and alignment with your project objectives are crucial.
  • What is the typical engagement model for hiring Magento Developers?
    The engagement model can vary based on your needs. You can hire Magento Developers on an hourly basis, project-based contracts, or on a dedicated, ongoing basis, depending on the complexity and scope of your project.
  • Can Magento Developers assist with third-party integrations and payment gateways?
    Yes, Magento Developers are skilled at integrating third-party services, payment gateways, and external APIs to enhance the functionality of your e-commerce store, providing a seamless shopping experience for your customers.
  • How long does it take to complete a Magento development project?
    The timeline for a Magento project depends on factors such as project complexity, features required, and the developer's experience. Simple projects may take a few weeks, while more complex ones can span several months.
  • Do I need to provide Magento licenses or software for the developers I hire?
    Magento is an open-source platform, so licenses are typically not required. Developers can use the community edition of Magento for development. However, if you opt for Magento Commerce (formerly Magento Enterprise), you would need to purchase licenses.
  • Is ongoing maintenance and support included when I hire Magento Developers?
    Maintenance and support are typically offered as part of the engagement, but the specific terms can vary. Ensure you discuss ongoing support, updates, and any associated costs with the developers you hire.
  • What are common challenges to avoid when hiring Magento Developers?
    Avoid challenges such as inadequate project planning, unclear requirements, and unrealistic timelines. Clearly define your project objectives and expectations to minimize potential issues.
  • Is it possible to work with remote Magento Developers, or should I hire locally?
    Working with remote Magento Developers is common and can be highly effective. It allows you to access a global talent pool and often results in cost savings without compromising quality.

    Hiring skilled Magento Developers is crucial for the success of your e-commerce store. Collaborate closely with the developers to ensure they have a thorough understanding of your business goals and deliver a high-quality, fully functional Magento-based online store.

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