White Label SEO Reseller Programs

We offer a very attractive incentive based SEO Reseller program that works out to be a win-win proposition for us and our Resellers. Our services are results oriented and pricing are competitive so partner with us and reduce your setup cost and build you offshore SEO team.

  • Pure White Label
  • Cost effective
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Work under your brand
  • Dedicated Support
  • Details Monthly Reports
  • Measurable output
  • Flexible working
  • Transparent working model

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A Reseller program means a de-facto addition to the sales function of an organization and such an arrangement works very well in the SEO industry. At TechIndia Software we offer a very attractive incentive based Reseller program that works out to be a win-win proposition for us and our Resellers. Our Reseller program is targeted towards independent consultants and organizations in the software development and IT Services industry with the objective of maximizing business and providing an adequate return on investment.

"White Label SEO reseller India" refer to those SEO services that are performed by us exclusively for your prospect / client and provided to you without our name, address and contact details so that you may in turn render them to your prospect/ client as if these services were performed by your organization. Each Report that we prepare for you has your logo and branding detail. In this way, your prospects/ clients do not come in contact with our organization and you continue to work with them directly.

SEO Reseller Program

We provide you pre-sales SEO Consultancy Services that help you in your sales efforts and enable you close the deals with your prospects/ clients. This includes:

  • Audit of websites
  • Gap Analysis in websites and Google Webmaster guidelines
  • Presentation of findings along with recommendations
  • SEO Roadmap
  • Proposal for short term and long term SEO strategy

We also work on a Commission basis. This means that if you recommend our company to any of your prospects/ clients who require SEO services and they actually agree to work with us and sign an agreement and place business on our company then we will pay you a commission of 15% of the value of the total business that is generated from such an engagement. Under such an arrangement we work directly with your prospect/ client.

We are leading in Providing SEO reseller services India and have Reseller Agreements with several SEO providers in USA, Canada, across European countries and Australia. These companies only do marketing services and generate orders but actual SEO work is done by the highly experienced team of TechIndia Software located in India. Our Reseller Program offers following benefits:

  • Helps you reduce costs as we charge very competitive prices.
  • You don't end up paying salaries and overhead expenses to SEO staff as you don't have to maintain an in-house dedicated team of SEO professionals.
  • We provide you a 'One Stop Shop" for all your SEO needs and you need to engage with only one Point of Contact for all your communication.
  • Quality of Work improves as our team comprises certified and experienced SEO professionals.
  • You save time and can focus on your market efforts and delegate all SEO activities to our team.
  • Confidentiality is maintained and you work directly with your client.
  • Availability of a large talent pool of resources and possibility to set up large team at short notice.
  • You are assured of a timely delivery at all times and are continuously kept in the loop by way of our reporting mechanism. Contact us to learn more about the SEO Reseller India Program, Plans and Referral Partner Responsibilities.

We bring trust and commitment in our relationship with our Resellers and offer them transparency and ease of operation in their day-to-day working with us.

Here's how our Reseller Program works:

  • Your prospect or client requires SEO Consultancy services and needs to optimize websites.
  • You do not have skill set or expertise to provide SEO services.
  • You contact us to join our Reseller Program and we agree to sign a mutual Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement between our companies.

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Unmatched quality

Process based on stringent software testing and quality assurance methodologies incorporating the highest standards in the industry for software engineering, web design, project management, delivery and support.


Competitive Pricing

Our pricing is honest and transparent. There are no hidden costs.



We have an experienced team for SEO Reseller Services.


Proven Methodology

We cater to a worldwide clientele and incorporate the highest stands in the industry for project management, delivery and support across the entire software development lifecycle.


Our Ethical Services

Understand this new search paradigm and have built search practices and strategies that help you and your company - your brand, product and services achieve higher rankings in search engine results.


24 x 7 Technical Support

We are customer focussed and assist our clients 24 x 7 across all time zones.

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