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  • Magento Developement
  • OpenCart Developement
  • Prestashop Developement
  • Shopify Developement
  • BigCommerce Developement
  • WooCommerce Developement
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eCommerce development with TechIndia Software

TechIndia Software is a pioneer in eCommerce and mCommerce with hands on experience in design and development of eCommerce websites and online retail marketplaces. We make use of cutting edge tools, technologies and frameworks to make robust and scalable eCommerce solutions that serve as a secure and long lasting platform for you to sell your products and services. We offer end-to-end services and our specialisation extends to all aspects of eCommerce development.

Magento development and other shopping carts

Magento development is our core expertise and we have successfully developed and deployed hundreds of websites using Magento technology. Apart from Magento development, we also use other shopping cart software in our development process and these include:

  • OpenCart
  • Prestashop
  • Shopify
  • ZenCart
  • BigCommerce
  • OSCommerce
E-commerce Developement Services

End-to-end services in eCommerce development

We offer end-to-end services, no matter whether you are building a simple website with a shopping cart and payment gateway; or a complex website with enterprise class features and complex backend systems integrated with an ERP or a CRM system

Starting with the design aspect, our team of graphic and web designers creates innovative and brilliant designs that excel in UI & UX experience. Next, coming to the development process, we ensure that the software code that we write is small and concise and enables your website to be quickly loaded. Navigation of the website and user experience are interlinked functions and very important. We build Analytics into your eCommerce website that enables you to pick up key metrics related to consumer behaviour, preferences and buying habits. Lastly, we do testing of your eCommerce website so that it functions properly and once the site has been launched, then we optimize it from an SEO/SEM perspective.

Value addition in eCommerce development and Magento development

We work with the philosophy that every penny that you have invested into eCommerce development or Magento development should give you maximum ROI. With this belief we ensure that all websites delivered by us have a high performance quotient so that the websites do not become slow or unresponsive due to heavy traffic and do not eventually crash.

Other than this we ensure that we provide enhanced security features into the site so that it does not get hacked or is used for online fraud.

E-commerce Developement Services

ECommerce development and hosting on the cloud:

Most eCommerce websites are now hosted on the cloud and this trend is likely to grow further in the future. Cloud providers charge a nominal fee for hosting and based on your interests, TechIndia Software can recommend to you cloud packages that will meet your ongoing and future needs.


Today eCommerce is mostly mCommerce due to the widespread usage of smart phones and tablets and continuous improvisations being made in online mobile stores. If you already have an eCommerce website and are planning to do upgrades; or in case you do not have an eCommerce presence and are planning to build an ecommerce store from scratch, then talk to our consultants today for sound professional advice.

E-commerce Developement Services

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Unmatched quality

Quality and reliability is the mainstay of any Shopify application that we build. We do rigorous load testing to ensure that your eCommerce site does not slow down or perform slowly under heavy traffic. We use cutting edge software testing tools to optimise code and ensure that your eCommerce stores function efficiently.


Competitive Pricing

We provide transparent prices without any hidden charges.



We have an experienced team for E-commerce Solutions Services.


Proven Methodology

We cater to a worldwide clientele and incorporate the highest stands in the industry for project management, delivery and support across the entire software development lifecycle.


Quality Assurance

We defined QA process and make sure that in every engagement the appropriate QA methodology is followed and undergoes peer reviews and quality checks to ensure that all the right parameters are being followed.


24 x 7 Technical Support

We are customer focussed and assist our clients 24 x 7 across all time zones.

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