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TechIndia Software is a pioneer in IT and online marketing with hands on experience in Ecommerce, design, Web development, Mobile apps and Digital Marketing. We make use of cutting edge tools, technologies and frameworks to make robust and scalable solutions that serve as a secure and long lasting platform. We offer end-to-end IT services and our specialisation extends to all aspects of eCommerce development.

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Always treat our worldwide clients with respect - in the same way as we would like others to treat us. Sincerely hear-out our clients' problems and deliver them a solution that best suits their requirements. Don't use sales gimmicks even if it means losing good projects.

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Our Objective is to deliver what we promise. We understand your business goals and that's how we are able to instinctively understand what you are looking for.


Digital Marketing 90%

eCommerce Solutions92%

Mobiles Apps Development85%

Website Design92%

Custom Web Development90%




Several factors determine the success of ecommerce SEO. Today, the focus is on user experience. The users use the keywords to put the information they are looking for. In return, a search engine gives them the results that are closer to their search terms. Search engines consider several aspects to decide the ranking of a site. Fast loading sites and sites that are compatible with different viewing mediums can rank high. Ecommerce SEO has become more complex these days making it the job of professionals who are always on the move catching up with the emerging trends. When you have decided to implement a solid SEO plan on your ecommerce site, you are on the royal road to fetch more traffic and more sales on your site. The first step to a solid SEO mission that can give you the desired results is to find the best ecommerce SEO firm that has accomplished several high-end SEO projects and produced tangible results.

The online marketplace has witnessed a heavy rush today with the inflow of several new businesses that wish to take advantage of the immense business opportunity over there. In every industry segment, we find a lot of businesses jumping in and making fat profits. However, the success of a ecommerce site depends on the quality of the customer experience it can assure. Ecommerce sites must be built on good platforms that support the different business functions in an effective way. Right from finding the products under different categories to completing the sales, the users look forward to hassle-free shopping online. The more the customer satisfaction, the more is the sales on an ecommerce site. Ecommerce development has got sophisticated today with the emergence of several advanced platforms and expert companies that create and manage successful ecommerce stores.

SEO is a highly tricky arena. The search engines are changing their algorithms very frequently in order to enhance the user experience. Hence the ecommerce SEO firms must today catch up with the emerging trends and provide workable strategies to their clients that can help them stand out from the crowd. SEO is not a simple and straightforward business. You need sophisticated computers, infrastructure, talented manpower and a professional set up to run the business. If you look forward to cracking the industry with limited resources, the best way out is to become an SEO reseller partner with an accomplished firm and outsource your projects to them. Hence this segment has grown into immense popularity today.

If your business is looking for a quick way out to market the products, Amazon PPC can give you instant results. Differing significantly from the regular SEO mission, Amazon PPC enables a total control over the budget you will spend on marketing. On account of the immense benefits of this platform, a large number of businesses are deeming this a boon to promote their products and bring more sales.