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Offers Complete SEO & Web Development Solutions.

TechIndia Software is India’s top full-service digital marketing company. We provide end-to-end services across the digital marketing value chain and cater to businesses of all sizes and across all industry segments. With our strategy, consultancy and implementation services, global brands are not only able to launch new products & services, but also grow and scale up their business. Our core expertise lies in the development and customization of data-driven and performance-focused solutions that serve the needs of our clients.

SEO services

SEO Services

We employ the latest and best-of-breed SEO strategies that can improve the visibility of your website on search engines

SEO Reseller

SEO Reseller

We offer a very attractive incentive based Reseller program that works out to be a win-win proposition for us and our Resellers.

Web Development

Web Development

We provide comprehensive web development services to the clients that span across the latest, customized to 100% web solutions.

Ecommerce Development

Ecommerce Development

We make use of cutting edge tools, technologies and frameworks to make robust and scalable eCommerce solutions

Apps Development

Apps Development

We offer mobile app development services for native apps across different platforms as well as for cross platform apps.

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click

Team of diligent professionals and campaign managers to launch, deploy and maintain these Campaigns, effectively.

Our Approach

This is the first stage in which the client shares all the important information related to the business such as the company objectives, industry landscape, main competitors, target audience and the purpose behind the website. It is essential to capture all the requirements properly and lay down the specific goals of the website, as these serves as the foundation on which the website will be built.

Once the project scope is understood, our team does the end-to-end planning for the website. We start off by creating a wireframe and a sitemap. This is a critical part that outlines the overall shape and form of the website, its look and feel and how users will interact with it. At this stage client shares feedback which is rebuilt into the wireframe and an assessment is done of the project milestones and timelines.

At this stage the designers work on the overall theme of the CMS and choose the colour, logo, images, font type and size of the website. The editors review the content for correction and relevancy. Finally, the design and content are assembled and final mockups are created for the approval of the client. This includes the landing page which is the home page of the website and inner pages that are linked to it.

Simultaneously, our engineers do the development and the customization of the CMS theme that is being used. Integration with other applications and 3rd party tools is done, and if required, customized plugins are developed. We take care to ensure that the website is developed keeping in mind SEO & SEM parameters and Google recommended guidelines for website optimization.

We follow a rigorous testing process throughout the web development process. The design and content is reviewed to ensure that it relevant, as per latest trends and enhances user experience. Buttons, forms and links are thoroughly checked to ensure that navigation across pages is quick and smooth. In case the site is complex and involves use of alerts, messages and notifications, then our team uses testing tools to check the proper functioning of these features.

Typically, user testing is done with a small set of users to get a first- hand feedback of their interaction with the site. The website is hosted on a dummy server and access given to our clients to check out it’s performance and share feedback. This feedback is incorporated into the website and it is delivered..

Once the website is live, we begin with digital marketing initiatives that involve PPC, SEO, Email, and Social media optimization . We build overall digital marketing objectives on the basis of which specific milestones established that have a definite goal and an underlying budget and timeline.

We work closely with our clients while implementing this strategy and tweak it if necessary based on actual market conditions and competitor moves also we are working under our Reseller programs agreement. As the landscape is dynamic, we work agile and take a proactive approach wherever required. We are flexible in our approach and use any one, or all of the following strategies.


Why Choose Us ?

We are offering result driven Digital Marketing and high quality Web & Ecommerce development services.

We bring passion & creativity in our services with a goal to increase the revenue of our clients and make them successful.

We follow a rigorous quality process that ensures timely and error-free delivery to our clients and as per their expectations.

We build mutual trust in every relationship as we are transparent in all our dealings and share all facts with our clients.

We have an ear for our clients and listen to them to understand their goals and then bring in our ideas and work collaboratively.

We are available round the clock to address the queries of our clients, discuss new projects or share updates on ongoing work.

Why Choose Us As Your SEO & Web Development Partner?

Companies choose to work with TechIndia Software because we treat our clients as our partners and establish with them a relationship that is based on trust and respect. With our experience we are able to understand the business of our clients, guide them on what will work best for them and why, build a digital marketing strategy around it, and then implement it in a step-by-step manner to achieve desired goals.

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