Amazon PPC Expert

Amazon has the most prominent presence in the eCommerce industry selling more than 200 million products on their site. Merchants selling on Amazon must focus on Amazon SEO in order to be able to effectively compete with the rest of the sellers on the Ecommerce store. Since the Amazon SEO behaves totally in a different way, you need to adopt the right SEO strategy to do well on the world’s largest selling online store.

Why the Amazon SEO frenzy
In the first place, know that people do not visit Amazon to do some research on the products, but they come prepared to buy. Therefore, those products that can grab the first couple of positions invite the highest number of clicks and have the prospects of converting into a sale. Hence Amazon SEO is the key to convert more shoppers.

A-9: Amazon’s algorithm
Amazon works with a highly sophisticated algorithm. Instead of attempting to send traffic to third party sites as Google would do, Amazon seeks to find the best product that will assure the best sales conversion. Therefore rather than looking into how closely the product matches with the search query, the search engine cares more about making the sale.

The different features of Amazon’s algorithms
• A9 cares more about immediate sales than the overall sale a product has generated. If a product invites huge number of sales within a short time, it will easily overtake another product.

• For maintaining its position, a product must continue to sell. For instance, when searching for candies, you are most likely to find Halloween candy while searching in October and Valentines’ Day Candy while querying in February.

• Amazon highly values the verified reviews created by users who have already used the product and posted using their Amazon account.

• More than looking at a high CTR, Amazon wishes to give importance to CTS of click to sales.

• The sale page content is very important and you must introduce the keyword at least in six places including page title, subtitle, product description, editorial review, file name of the product picture and the author’s name.

• Amazon ranks the product listings considering the number of sales. This means number 1 is ascribed to the bestselling product under the given category.

• The positive and negative customer reviews are considered to rank a product.

• While selling on Amazon, you can never overlook the size and quality of your product image. Note that some results will never display if there is no 1000 X 1000 pixels image or larger. Amazon feels this is a vital factor deciding the conversion rate.

• Since the customers always look for the best deals, Amazon treats fair pricing as a criterion to rank the products. Also the other factors considered for ranking include the time spent by customers on a given page, not having negative seller feedback and order processing speed.

Good practices for Amazon SEO
As an Amazon PPC expert, we are helping a lot of businesses achieve the purpose behind Amazon SEO. The goal in front of Amazon SEO is to maximize the chances of the customers clicking on your product listing and purchase your product. Since your presence on the first page is the deciding factor to boost up your sales, implement the following tips to make your Amazon SEO highly productive. The title is the most crucial aspect considered by Amazon since most customers decide basing on the title alone. Let the title include the brand, product line, material, key aspects, color, size and packaging quantity. Order the keywords in the title based on relevancy. Display the product features in bullet points easy to follow. Under the products description, give as much detail as possible about your products. Include the brand details so as to show up your product when the customers search by brand. Clearly mention the physical characteristics of the product including the color, size, technical specifications and weight. Always place your products under the most relevant category.