Outsourcing to a Team over a freelancer is a wise step
Before you venture into outsourcing your projects, you need to first understand the difference between the two kinds of options and the pros and cons of choosing between them. Here we are talking about getting the jobs done by teams (firms) or freelancers.

In the first place, you must understand there is no universally accepted standard or styles to accomplishing a given project. Each company or freelancers have their own skill sets and a particular fashion of doing it. Therefore, it all boils down to exploring the options in front of you to check whether the firm or freelancer you target has the skill set and technology necessary to accomplish your project to perfection. Now the next question is which is better: choosing a team or freelancer for your project.

Why a team is better

For all practical purposes, we can also call a ‘team’ as ‘a full-services agency’. This means a group of professionals possessing diverse kinds of skill sets and technical expertise. While every project would invariably consist of different dimensions and therefore it would need multiple kinds of skill sets to approach it in a comprehensive manner, this is rather difficult for freelancers than teams. We can mention here an analogy of building a house. As we all know, to build a house from the ground up is a complex task requiring the participation of professionals from the different industry domains of construction namely architectural designing, masonry, plumbing, electrical, roofing, painting and interior decoration. You just can’t expect a single individual to attend the complete construction process independently. In a similar way, a project development would need different individuals to participate. In this sense, outsourcing your project to a team rather than a freelancer is the right decision.

The implication of hiring a team to work on your project is contracting a tiny army of experts, each of them with his or her own speciality, involved in a teamwork for a given period on your project. Also, successfully accomplishing a website or software or application development needs goal-driven project managers who are adept in the art of delegating tasks based on the expertise of the team members. Let us now talk about website development for example. You need the team to be made of different kinds of professionals namely copywriters, usability experts, designers, coders and programmers, SEO professionals and many others. Besides all of them, system administrators shall see to that the site operates round the clock without any troubles. Depending on the complexity of the project, you might also require some additional experts like animators, videographers, IT strategists and several others. Leaving out those, we shall now come to the main point of the discussion. With such a complexity lingering over any given project, it always pays to hire a team for a project than a freelancer who cannot practically have all these different skills at once.

There are also other considerations that justify choosing a team to work on a project. While being entrusted to a team, there are several others ready in line to take over the responsibilities in the event of any personal preoccupations of a given professional, which is practically not possible in choosing a freelancer. While the special talents of a freelancer might fully reflect in the project, there are also chances that the limitations, drawbacks and the personal preoccupations of a freelancer might often hinder the success of a project.