build client loyalty

Web designers are a community of folks that is hard-working. Why? Because they spend time not only to create awesome looking websites, but are always on the lookout to find new clients.

Since finding new clients is 25% more expensive than retaining existing ones, it is a good idea to carry out simple acts that will surprise and delight them and win their trust and loyalty.

Loyal clients show their gratitude in different ways, but usually there are three tell-tale signs:

– They continue to purchase the same product or service
– They are open to up-selling and cross-selling
– They provide referrals

For web designers, building client loyalty is an ongoing process that needs to be nurtured in easy steps:

1. Manage and handle the initial project like a pro
Give the very best to your first project as that will lay the foundation of a strong future relationship with your clients. A simple formula is:

Research + Strategy -> User Experience + Design -> Development -> Testing + Launch
(Ask relevant ques.) (Create excellent content) (Do a great design (Timely delivery
& development job) of web & mobile)

Organize your business with some processes:

o Create a comprehensive contract template
o Do thorough research on the customer
o Use a professional project management and collaboration platform
o Be future oriented in designing
o Be a specialist in your field and leverage expertise of others

2. Communicate like a partner
Communicate effectively and with a positive attitude. Always strive to leave a lasting impression on your clients. Where there is a disagreement, communicate professionally as you know your work best and are there to deliver value for money to your clients.

The 215 Guys is a perfect example of excellent communication.

3. Anticipate their needs
As clients are of different size and have varying needs and budgets, build your offer around their needs. Start with a basic offering, move to a medium offering with additional features and end with the highest offering that is for established businesses.

Tina Cook is a web designer who makes such offers.

4. Offer a monthly Retainer
Be proactive and offer a monthly retainer to clients once you have handed over a website. This will take care of routine tweaks, updates or modifications that need to be made on the website.

5. Offer other design services
Branch out and offer other services to your clients. These will add to your portfolio and bring additional revenue as well. Sumy Designs has branched out and offers writing, SEO and development services.

6. Commemorate special days
Show care and love by sending small mementos, cards or gifts to your clients on occasions such as completion of your first project or first anniversary of your partnership.

7. Launch a loyalty program
Take a long term view of your business and offer some sops to your clients:
o Discounts for long-term contracts
o Free service in exchange of referrals
o Monthly rebate for timely payment
o Free hour of support for filling-out survey forms

Focus on loyalty
Make client loyalty a function of your business and keep making interesting offers to clients. They will like discounts and freebies and will not only be loyal to you but will also refer you to others.