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Why is WordPress the most preferred CMS for small size businesses?

Though WordPress is around us for so long, very few CMS platforms can challenge the merits and advantages of WordPress to this day. This open source CMS software has benefited several businesses with cost effective website development possibilities. The incredible advantages of this platform have allured several businesses and developers to deem this as their one point source to accomplish highly challenging website development projects. The various interesting features of this platform make it the most preferred CMS platform for businesses. Read More →

It is very common to come across situations where a website redesign is being implemented and mistakes occur during this phase – mistakes which are very common and can occur very easily. While the redesign might improve some aspects of the website such as an improved UI, higher conversions, improved messaging and branding, other aspects might deteriorate such as a drop in SEO or website traffic. Although there are numerous resources available on the internet, that have previously spelt out these errors and how to avoid them, the mistakes do occur from time to time. This post brings about information on how to identify these mistakes and prevent their recurrence in future: Read More →