As against popular practice and belief, there is no need to get anxious every time when there is a new update. There are some proven ways to protect ourselves from updates and they really work letting you stay at peace. In the first place, panicking and overcorrecting is not a good idea. Often the mistakes are perceived as existing whereas they are really not. Therefore, you might go an extra mile to overdo the correction which might actually flop letting you slip from the goal.This is a common experience faced by webmasters during algorithm updates. We know how a number of webmasters get penalized for making use of the same anchor text several times in their inbound links. Knowing this, you might over correct to ensure every single inbound link by replacing the existing text with a different text. Thinking that Panda penalized you for stuffing your site with keywords, you might venture to remove even the trace of the keyword from your site. These efforts do not follow a proper thought. So read on.

Google does not have any problems with any kind of inbound link. Search engines are only concerned with the manipulative and spammy strategies adopted by webmasters. Your effort to over correct will only trigger more suspicion as to what you were actually doing earlier. At the same time, your effort is going to render your text ineffective with regard to its SEO perspective. The only way forward that will benefit you is to adopt a natural and organic strategy to promote your site aspirations. Never get upset or worried of Google’s updates. In fact you need to approach them more constructively and positively. You may consider this as a suggestion by Google and give heed to the advice that follows from the update. Frequently, you must look out for any updates and keep a close track of the developments that will guide you with the necessary course of action before it is too late after every time you are expected to do something. Also get to know how other site owners are responding and collect some inputs for the appropriate action you must take.

Quite a many sites have viewed Penguin 3.0 as a blessing. Once they rectified the errors, they have visibly seen their page rankings considerably improve. However, you must be warned that your good time now does not assure you better times forever and you must do your bit to see that your efforts stay in line with the expectations of the changing situations. Analyzing the situation rightly is needed equally by people who have been rewarded as well as by those who have been adversely affected. If your SEO strategies do not satisfy Google, then you must really act now to explore what will be actually beneficial. Once you have decided what has caused you damage, devise a proper plan and set it rolling without waiting any more. Always keep serving the audience your top priority and Google will be forced to act towards you in a benign way. Delivering quality to the visitors to your site will mean that your goals are perfectly in tune with those of Google and you will be adequately rewarded for this gesture.