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In a recent keynote address delivered at the SMX West Q&A session held at San Jose between March 11 – 13, 2014, Amit Singhal, Senior VP and Software Engineer at Google talked about predictive technology used in Google Now and how it would impact the future of search and internet.

Singhal explained that Google Now was built for mobile devices and keeping in mind the needs of mobile users because future growth of search and internet was to come from these segments. As a matter of fact Hummingbird was also introduced by Google keeping in mind the future of the mobile platform and that a humane approach was required towards search that was organic and based on human thought process rather than based on algorithmic calculations.

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In a video on Google Webmaster, Matt Cutts recently answered a question on how many links a page should have and whether there was any limit attached to it.

As per Matt Cutts, the earlier guidelines implied that if a page was about 100k or 101K in length it might have 100 links in it and so it was believed that anything beyond this will be considered as spammy and irrelevant. Marketers took note of this fact and started taking advantage of this rule and would ensure that the number of links was kept lower than 102. However this is not the case anymore, as Google now gives more emphasis on the overall content that appears on a site and how users benefit from this content than to the number of links appearing on a page.

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In an effort to enhance the search experience of smartphone users and remedy their difficulties, Google has recently announced that it will bring in some serious changes to its ranking policies and strategies. The measures might end up de-ranking those sites that are misconfigured for smartphone users. The underline is that the efforts on part of the webmasters to redesign sites to be able to flawlessly display on all devices including smartphones will be duly rewarded. To start with, it is important to note that the following aspects will be detrimental to websites.

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Link building outreach is one of the big challenges in front of businesses. Talking on this topic, we need to underline this fact: those links that are easy to get cannot be quality links. This can be evidently experienced by those engaged in link building outreach by email. This kind of outreach is known to have low conversion rates. After a cumbersome slogging with this job, quite a many get frustrated due to poor or no results. However, there are proven ways to dramatically enhance your conversion success.

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Most people are not aware that they are not using their LinkedIN as effectively as they could. LinkedIn’s IPO has doubled the valuation of the company on the very first day of its trading. The social media’s 102 million users spread across 200 countries have made the site the premier social networking tool on the internet. Business professionals can make the best use of this medium to evolve their marketing strategies. LinkedIN has also established itself as a highly valuable reputation management tool rendering itself as an invaluable business card that you can bank on to promote your business. The following six strategies are sure ways to drive more traffic and find new businesses for the enhanced and larger LinkedIn.
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