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Do you know what SEO is all about? And what does it mean by SEO updates? SEO also known as search engine optimization is a process to get a website placed on the search rankings. To find ranking on the search engines, there are some SEO activities, which need to be performed professionally. Google, one of the popular search engines, provide some tips so that ranking can be achieved quickly which is known as SEO updates. Panda, penguin and now Hummingbird update. Alike others, Google also improves its services with the passage of time.

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Many of businesses still don’t understand what SEO Company provides and why their services are important for business?

SEO, called as Search Engine Optimization is the technique of getting traffic from the natural and organic listings on search engines. The top search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing presents the results, where web pages and other content like videos or local listings are displayed and rank the web pages based on what the search engine considers most relevant to readers.

Types of Search Engine Success Factors
There are two major types of search engine success factors:
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