It is common knowledge that today it is simply not good enough to create good content and publish it. What most bloggers miss today is the ability to share their content with many readers as is possible. As per experts, this can happen only if the content is published on other sources of media s well. Below are some potentially good sources of publishing content on the Internet: 

Slideshare is a very good medium in which content can be published. Bloggers can create a deck of slides with their content and publish it on SlideShare.
Bloggers can use to convert their blog posts into visually appealing content such as Infographics or convert them into other visually appealing content pieces and then share them with others.

LinkedIn Groups
LinkedIn Groups helps bloggers to share their content with other LinkedIn members who are neither their contacts, nor the contacts of the bloggers.  In this way the bloggers have a wider reach.

Bloggers can generate interest from the Pinterest community by attaching a good looking picture relevant to their topic or blog and then by sharing it with others.

Instagram works in the same way as Pinterest except that Instagram has a reach into the teenage and the adult communities.

This is a social platform that helps to build traffic fast to the website. Bloggers can join tribes that belong to a specific subject or topic and can share content with them as well as share their content.

Stumble Upon
Bloggers can share their content with others on this website. As this website is a collection of web pages other users can stumble upon it depending upon their interest and likes. 

Google +
Google + has a large community following and bloggers can target their content to reach out to specific groups within the community. Bloggers need to ensure that their content is unique and appeals to the readers.

This is a good website for sharing news related to small businesses. This site targets small businesses and has tips and tricks related to the small business trade.

Email List
An Email List is a good list to send out blog posts to. However, bloggers need to ensure that they will not send too many blog posts or too frequently, else their readers will become overwhelmed.
Scope .it is a place where new and interesting content is posted and so bloggers need to exercise caution when posting their content here. There is a free version, a premium version and a business version.

Niche based social bookmarking sites
Some of the niche based social bookmarking sites are as follows: for SEO, SMO, blogging, and Internet marketing is good for WP related articles

Design Float is good for design

DZone is good for developers

Blog Engage
Blog Engage is a website on which blogs are published on a wide variety of subjects form finance to industry to travel and to personal hygiene.

Industry specific social networking sites
There are some social networking sites that related to specific industries. For example Active Rain from Trulia is a network that is created exclusively for Realtors. Such social networking sites offer advice and networking opportunities to users.

This site has a large number of users who are mostly very intense. Therefore it is recommended that bloggers who post the content here do it typically after they have ensured that their content is specific, targeted and will appeal to the users.