What is SEO services and why they are necessary? SEO abbreviation of search engine optimization plays a vital role in getting a website ranked on popular search engines. SEO lies in content writing, blogging, directory submission, link building and many more. With the passage of time, the SEO has changed a lot. To find the desired results, SEO firms need to get educated with latest update on SEO. Esteemed SEO service providers follow ethical practices, guarantee exponential growth and guarantee exceptional services at competitive rates. In order to stay alive and do well in the cut throat competitive market, SEO service providers need to get associated with a company.

The Google Penguin Update

One of the popular updates of Google is “The Google Penguin Update”, which was launched in April 2012. It emphasizes to better catch sites considered to be spamming its search results. In fact, those buying spammy links or getting them through link networks designed primarily to enhance Google rankings will be penalized. It was basically introduced to avoid bad or spammy links. Websites were ranking with such links were penalized. After the updates, moderators have taken action to remove bad links.

Google’s Hummingbird Update

In order to upgrade its services, Google launch updates on a regular basis. One of its latest update on SEO is Hummingbird Update. The update designed and developed to be more accurate and offer faster query results, the algorithm is based on semantic search, enhancing on user intention versus individual search terms. The update emphasizing on two basic things, including:

1. Google has enhanced its capability to deal with complex search queries meaning that it has also improved at indexing entities in Web documents.

2. It enhanced a lot at relationally linking search queries and web documents meaning that its knowledge graph must be considerably improved.

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