As Google triggered the monumental change in its search algorithm with the code name Hummingbird, 90% of the total global search queries got affected. However, everything is not lost yet. As experts point it out, the basic idea remains the same. Search engine optimization still works the same way. The focus just got increased in pushing quality content in the list to the top.

Here are some things that you can consider while preparing your website to counter Hummingbird’s effect:

1. Content that talks
With the launch of Hummingbird, the focus on conversational content has increased. You have to talk about Hows and Whats and Wheres of your content. You will need to be more engaging with your reader instead of simply posting facts that tend to be boring. You need to bring more context to your content than ever before.

2. Long-tail keywords are the key
Try to focus on long-tail keywords if you are targeting a particular industry through your content. Small keywords will be tough to target. Creating FAQ pages and help guides will also help you in giving more information to your readers and thus making your content more search engine friendly.

3. Be there with your competitors
If you are not the absolute authority on the subject that you are writing about, try to list yourself with your competitors and more authority sites. This will help Google recognize you in that particular subject.

At the same time, try to write updated content about the area that your website belong to.

4. Be attractive to Google
Well, this is more of a structure and schematics so that Google search bots can find the content in an easy and arranged way. Give these bots more of visual content so that you are given better chances of appearing in SERP.

5. Take care of neighbors too
While you write the content on your website, you need to cater to the synonymns and other related words too that are close to your main keyword. Suppose you are writing about Nokia, you can also use terms like mobile phones and handheld gadgets.

6. Embrace Authorship
Authorship is a big step forward if you want to be recognized as a popular and authentic website on any subject matter. Try to be very focused on the problem at hand while writing any kind of copy for your website. You need to give value to your readers and acknowledge that if they spend time reading your piece, you owe them the value of that time.

Hum with Hummingbird
Hummingbird is not an update that site owners should be feared of. It is not something that is there to kill the online business. The update is geared to make things more contextual. Like any other business, it gives more priority to the customer, in this case it would be your reader. So, if you are able to satisfy your readers, you will be able to satisfy Google too!