The year is coming to a close. But before you pack off your clothes and head out for a vacation, it makes sense to utilize the remaining part of this year and initial months in the New Year to focus on SEO activities that will improve the rankings of your client’s website.

While there are a host of activities that you could carryout in this period, we are focusing on the most important ones:

Focus on solving the problems related to website content and create appropriate content
Create and publish relevant content on your client’s website that seeks to solve problems being faced by users and for which they are looking for solutions. If they are able to find answers to those problems on your client’s website, they would definitely visit the website again and again. Such content has the potential of being tagged as a featured snippet and when users view the content, it gives extensive exposure to your client’s brand name.

Google has adopted the practice of publishing snippets and nowadays if you put a search query on Google then the search results appear as snippets.

New content that you create could be in the form of videos, blogs or any other type.
To pick up themes for the content, select questions that clients typically ask your sales folks, or use Google search console to sift through queries that are driving people to your website. You could also look at existing content on your client’s website and make improvements in it.

Conduct an audit of your client’s website
Check your client’s website for key parameters such as missing Meta data, broken links and duplicate content that might be affecting the website’s performance.

Fixing up the technical aspects such as broken links will improve the user experience of the website visitors and this will directly boost up SEO rankings. Review each website page to make sure that all pages, especially the important ones have optimized Meta data. This will motivate users to visit those web pages and this activity will have a positive impact on the SEO rankings. Remove duplicate content and if possible, put new content. All these little things done from your side will go a big way in improving the performance of your client’s website.

To carry out the above tasks, you can either use the library of your existing tools or search on Google to find freely available tools as most of them are quite powerful. No need really to buy expensive tools.

How to handle voice search?
Voice search is a very powerful tool offered by Google, but you should be careful in terms of how you handle voice search queries related to your client’s website. If you feel that the website is not yet ready for voice search, then it is better to leave it untouched and focus on other query-based aspects related to your client’s website.
Voice search may be very useful in certain instances, but putting unnecessary emphasis on it, when it is really not required is an overkill. So it is better to avoid it. However, you can make a provision, that in case voice search has to be focused on in future, then it can be easily implemented.


Check and optimize the internal and back links
More than anything else, check whether the internal and back links of your client’s website are functioning properly or not. This is a very important task.

If not, then fix them so that navigation is smooth and unhindered. Good strong internal links are an absolute must as they connect the content on the website and convey to Google the structure of the website. If you are able to publish a site map, then nothing like it. It will help to establish a hierarchy on your client’s website, enabling them to give more prominence to pages and web posts, blogs that hold more relevance and value than other pages.

As a result, users will easily find the content that they are looking for on the site and will spend more time on it. This will increase the time spent on the site and the average number of pages viewed. Therefore, optimizing the internal linking strategy will give boost to your SEO efforts on your client’s website

Although building backlinks is time-consuming and requires dedicated work, it produces good results in the long run. Over a period of time, as your client’s website will have more high-authority backlinks linking to it, it will be a signal to Google that it is a relevant and important website.

When the website will get indexed by Google, a high page authority will be assigned by Google to your client’s website.


Optimize the website for no-click searches
No-click searches are a new trend and this trend is growing.
Why? Because they serve a major need of users and improves their experience on a site. With no-click searches users are presented with the information they need without them having to click through to a website or any other platform.


Featured snippets are an example of no-click searches. Let us examine what these featured snippets are.
Since some time Google has started providing content in the form of featured snippets and most of the times this content stands out and is found more relevant by users. Therefore, users have reduced their visits to specific websites to get information. To address this trend, website owners are now creating content for users that could be tagged for featured snippets.

In order to optimize your client’s website for no click search, you need to ensure that your client’s NAP (name, address and phone number) information is correct and consistent. Secondly, you must ensure that header tags and keywords have been used correctly. These are the basic requirements.

Carrying out the above activities correctly will give a big boost to the website rankings of your client and these activities can easily be accomplished in a few months.

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