How do you choose the right keywords for SEO?Choosing the right SEO keywords can be a tough job. This is in fact at the heart of the SEO mission. Most successful keywords are just two to four word phrases that can effectively convey the theme of the message or topic. The keyword phrase has the crucial task of occupying a considerable portion of the headline and metaline and thereby decides the effectiveness of your promotion campaign. Here are a few tips to choose the right keyword.

Think of the end user
Think of in what striking way the product or service can benefit the end user and the questions it answers. Highlight the specific aspects of the product that shall address some key expectations.

Before approaching a keyword research tool, you need to scribble down a few phrases of different lengths, but not shorter than two words.

Keyword research
Google Keyword Planner is a highly potential tool for keyword research. You will find a large number of keyword research tools featuring a wide variety of options. They are available for free as well as for a charge. Open the free Google tool and enter the best phrases you have in hand leaving the website box blank.

Results review
You will find the phrases you searched for on top of the results list display. The related phrases will be below that. You can also get to know the volumes and trends in different ways with options to sort out as well as customize the information. In this regard, Global Monthly Searches column will be of immense help to you. The numbers you find shall show you the real people using the search engine. Also googling the phrase shall help know the competition for that phrase. This should be the vital topic that you discuss with the Search Engine Optimization Services India firm you contract.

Do not get attracted by big numbers
Do not get attracted towards the short and broad phrase that reports highest number of searches. In this regard, you run the risk of not ranking higher. Know that it is far more beneficial to rank on the first page for a phrase that is searched a few thousand times a month rather than being on the 20th page for a phrase that is searched a few hundred times a month.

Go for long tail
Google Analytics is the right tool to get to know the ideal search volume for your topics. Find the top entrance keywords for your site and input those phrases in the keyword tool. If you compare their search volume with the number of visitors your site attracted, you will be surprised to see that the highly productive entrance keywords for your site are not associated with big search volume. Usually the users are most likely to refine their searches gradually with long keywords to get the specific results they are looking for. Only when they are searching with longer and specific phrases, they are close to conversion. Therefore it is important to explore how to rank for long keywords.

Create the best headline
Explore the list of targeted keyword phrase options and evolve different headline options for your article. If you expect the article to rank for the phrase you expect, it is important that the title features that phrase. Therefore stuff the title with the targeted keyword phrase. Otherwise see to that it occurs as early as possible in the headline. This will see to that the article meets the algorithm put in place by the search engine.

Weave the keyword in the article
The target phrase must occur at least once in the body of the article. It is also advisable to make use of enough number of secondary phrases. Sprinkle the target word here are there in the article. There is no ideal or magic number for the number of times the keyword can repeat. Therefore while you might aim for using the keyword at least three times in long articles, never force it to look unnatural.