Product Pages For SEO

Product pages are highly important in the world of ecommerce to generate more sales and make more profits. We do come across a lot of marketers who earn a huge sum of money by selling shortcuts to earning money on the internet. Due to this, a number of ecommerce store owners are made to believe that there exist some shortcuts to optimizing their product page. Some site owners are found to just copy and paste the product descriptions found on other sites for the similar pages as it can give them quick results. Know that such short cut is often dangerous as it can adversely affect the SEO of such product pages. Hence it is important for you to implement the following options to optimize your product pages instead of resorting to unhealthy shortcuts to the process.

Go with the conventional SEO wisdom
Before starting any of your SEO efforts, get to know which words are used by the buyers to search for the given products. This can help figure out which terms will attract more traffic. To do this you can make use of keyword research tools like Majestic , Moz, Ahrefs, and SEMrush. If you are looking for an open source keyword search tool, then Ubersuggest can be a great option. Once you have found out the key terms that are generating more traffic, you also need to incorporate long tail keywords that you discovered in to your product descriptions.

Now the next steps you need to follow are here. Optimize the title tags and make use of Meta descriptions. For more clarity, use headers that are descriptive. Set up links to internal pages for achieving a good internal linking structure. Make the best use of image alt attributes. Make use of rich snippets. Do not copy product descriptions from other sites. It is very good to let the price, availability and reviews of the page appear in the product descriptions. This will give you a better edge than your competitors.

Make use of data
You can uncover many things when you make use of data. It can help you understand your customer in a better way. As a result, you can provide what they expect with regard to the content on your product pages. It is very useful to set up Google’s Enhanced Ecommerce tracking on the site which can help you figure out the details you are missing. Product impressions can help you understand which products are viewed more but are selling less. This could be due to the fact that the images for the products are not good in quality or the content is not convincing or the product is too expensive. By tracking the promotional banners, you can come to a conclusion which banner must remain prominent on the homepage. In fact you can do so much with the help of Enhanced Ecommerce tracking on your site. The most important point is to understand your visitors and optimize your site to suit them.

Maintain consistency
Ensure there is a good amount of consistency across the different aspects of your ecommerce site. The content must clearly reflect the tone of your brand. The other useful branding tips that can help you are to sell only high quality products, choosing the target market with care, be choosy with regard to product distribution and to ensure that the design elements are suitable to the brand’s image. It is good to reach out to influencers and also market in places that can attract your target market. Work on the content with the help of a ecommerce copywriter and fine tune the product descriptions on the site. Also hire a professional designer to make the store’s design consistent with the information found on the site.

Good tips to further your SEO efforts

• Product reviews are very important
• Include high quality images and videos
• Configure calls-to-action features in your site
• Enhance the page speed
• Incorporate product suggestions