SEO Services

Every business is today spares a great deal of effort and resources on SEO. While emerging trends focus much on mobile page optimization, deploying structured data, optimizing for features snippets and many others, some basic and key SEO strategies that have been giving us amazing results are sent to the background. Here we discuss a few such effective SEO strategies that are forgotten today, but need emphasis for the success of any SEO mission.

Be sensitive
User experience is not just one among the many SEO strategies; it is in fact the core of SEO. The primary function of the search engines is to answer the query input by the user. Every ranking factor you can think of today narrows down to enhancing the user experience. To achieve this end, your website must resonate, load fast, and answer the right question. If these things do not happen, the user is bound to leave your site very soon. Be sensitive to the needs of the user and create a functional site. In the end, never forget to give them something to move them to the next course of action. All these aspects are the different dimensions of a functional website.

Build relationships to get links
Links is something more important to Google. Links serve the search engine as the surest way to measure how relevant your site is to anyone. Till sometime back, link building was auto-piloted. Today, no more Google is interested in valuing such artificial or forged links. Google looks for authenticity to assure a better user experience. Spammy links cannot fool Google anymore. To achieve great links, you must go offline and build links that are the product of genuine connections. Joining an organization that lists you as the member or starting a co-marketing campaign are sure ways to building links that actually work for you.

Content is important
Though this is a topic related to user experience, work on the language and fine tune it to impress the customer and enhance the click through rate. Select the right language, organize it in an effective way and it will give you a great way to engage with your audience in a productive way and pave way for more conversions. Studies reveal us that people respond well to language that rightly mirrors theirs. Compelling headlines and persuasive call to action are going to help you win the game and stand out in the search engine results. Depending only on the technical foundation is not going to work for you. Be creative and employ great writing skills to appeal to your audience.

Create a checklist and double check it
To perform a reliable website audit, a carefully prepared checklist is very important. While it is necessary to create a powerful content, you must never skip the basics. The checklist will help you work towards this end.

• Insert the keyword in the URL, title, introduction and conclusion
• Never stuff the keyword too much
• The tile must be less than 65 characters
• Create a mixture of internal as well as external links
• Check if the image alt-text label is relevant to the topic
• Incorporate the keyword in the meta description in order to improve the CTR. It is good to keep it under 250 words.
• While formatting, adopt heading tags and short paragraphs.
• Facilitate social sharing, conversions and call to actions to optimize for action
• While focusing on the checklist, never forget about the user experience

Evolve a strong keyword strategy
While working on keywords, start with a niche in which you are special. Evolve a keyword strategy that will make your customers’ social media posts scheduled through your platform more successful. Identify the steady upward trends over the past five years related to the keywords connected to your niche and incorporate them in your site. Make multiple pieces of content that will answer all possible questions related to your product domain.