Why Businesses Must Have Dedicated In-house SEO Expert

SEO is the soul of every website and therefore the most crucial task in front of every business owning a site. Without optimizing your site for the search engines, you are losing out your business to your competitors. SEO experts need to be highly knowledgeable and have to work with several departments in a coordinated way including site development, analytics, social media, infrastructure, and web development domains.

Search Engine itself is a field that is constantly evolving and the expert working on SEO need to have an up-to-date knowledge of what is happening with the search engines to be able to customize their projects in the best possible way assuring dependable results. SEO calls for a deep understanding of several disciplines and mastery of several knowledge domains. The skill sets that are demanded in a SEO specialist require companies to make the right choice with regard to appointing the right person for the task. Here are some valid reasons why businesses must prefer in-house SEO experts over SEO firms.

Extensive coordination
To deliver dependable and measurable SEO results, the experts must work with communications as well as editorial team to create a content that can deliver the expected results when incorporated in the SEO strategy. They must also coordinate with the social networking strategy of the company in addition to design and development domains, advertising department and several others as needed from time to time. Every business must reflect whether these are the tasks of outside firms that are contracted for the purpose. This one reason justifies having an in-house SEO specialist especially working for your firm.

Evolving domain
SEO evolves at a rapid phase. What was a valid practice or strategy yesterday has got outdated today. What worked best has today penalized the sites. Especially the changes incorporated by Google search engine have had a devastating effect on the online industry. Google makes constant updates in a voluminous manner from time to time. The sites that violate the quality guidelines of Google that are revised from time to time are decreased in rankings. Google is bent upon penalizing the sites for web spam tactics, irrelevant links on the sites, keyword stuffing and other practices it considers unhealthy and artificial. Therefore the experts working on SEO must stay in line with the developments around to be able to deliver dependable results.

Locating the right SEO firm is not an easy task
Most SEO firms today are found using black hat tactics for increasing the search engine rankings of their client sites. This is a highly harmful practice that shall be eventually penalized by Google. Know that fly-by-night SEO companies cannot give you the desirable enduring results. If a site has to be placed on top of the search engines, it can happen only in any one of the two ways. The first approach is to have a legitimate content and make use of legitimate SEO tactics. The second one is to make use of black hat SEO tactics. When you hire a SEO firm for optimizing your site, you will never know what the firm is doing with your site. Unfortunately if the firms are using the prohibited practices, then you are at a big loss risking your ranking, business prospects as well as the money spent on SEO.

Recent trends in SEO
Today social networking SEO has grown to phenomenal heights and has gained a lot of importance. Therefore SEO is no more making some changes to the sites and operating systems. It rather calls for a serious approach to the project and a constant attention by an SEO professional who is very well attuned to the latest developments in the SEO domain.

Several aspects which were earlier the concerns of a website designer now fall under the purview of the SEO expert including the loading time of a site, the performance of a site, the layout and location of the navigation in a site, pagination systems and other aspects of a website. SEO also needs to work on how the content is created, how it is formatted and the use of domains, cross domains and sub domains, the kind of user experience assured and the usability of the site.

Hire an in-house SEO expert
Therefore looking from several angles, it always makes sense to hire an in-house SEO expert if your business is serious about getting the expected results in a measurable and permanent manner.