Google, one of the best and widely used search engines, changes its algorithm frequently. If you want your website on the search engine, you need to get updated with the changes and apply those tricks while performing. 2013 was an extremely exciting year in terms of updates from Google. After Penguin and Panda, Hummingbird has taken the flight, and the shift away from offering keyword data thanks to encrypted search.

Content Marketing and its emerging affect

With the passage of time, Google introduces updates on a frequently basis. But in all the updates, one update remains same – high quality, fresh and plagiarism free content pages.

Advantages of a good content strategy include:

• Regular, helpful and fresh content targeted at your audience
• Social signals from regular sharing and client engagement
• Freshness or signs that your website is lively and mounting
• Enhancing authority connected to your body of work

Importance of Social Media

Social media has been playing a major role in the digital marketing landscape for the last few years. First, people have seen the rise of mega platforms such as Facebook, Google + and Twitter. In the last couple of years, visual content from networks for instance Pinterest, Instagram, and a number of micro-video services has swept through.

Benefits of Social Media include:

• Increases Traffic
• Enhances Brand Value
• Low cost advertisement
• Easily Viral
• Improved search engine ranking

Matt cut and other responsible people are also hoping best for the 2014. If you want ranking for your SERPs, please follow the changing algorithms of Google. For more information about the updates, it is advised you to explore the web to get updated with the current Google updates. You are advised to get prepared.