Website designers tend to focus more on the appearance of a website and if it conveys a consistent brand image. However, designers must also need to keep in mind the SEO value of designing that will help get the right kind of traffic and useful leads. Some poor site design elements and use experience errors can adversely impact your SEO campaign. To ensure high rankings on SERPs, it is important to avoid the design mistakes that can harm your website’s SEO strategy. Here is a list of them for your understanding while working with a website development company.

The importance of SEO website design
Good website design is a crucial need for ranking high on search engines. Studies show that over 93 percent of people start their day with an enquiry on the search engine. Web design is the crucial element of your website’s credibility. A poor design and disengaging layout can deter the visitors from staying on your website. Such features will make them conclude that your website is not reliable. This can damage the SEO prospects of your site.

Poor Navigation
If the users visiting your website are not able to comprehend the message you want to convey them or if your product clicks away, it can adversely impact their experience as well as your business. The site architecture impacts how the search engine understands your website.

Internal linking between relevant sites is a big step in SEO since it can help retain the readers on your site and help Google crawlers in deciding where the traffic is from. The quality you breathe into your website design can ultimately help increase its SEO value.

Weaker Call-To-Action Strategy
Your CTA is very important to convey your desired action. It is important that you provide your website visitors clear cut CTA that will suggest what you want them to do on your website. If this is not done, your website will not be an engaging one. not being unique or engaging is a big mistake done with regard to Call-to-action button.

H1 And Header Tags
From the point of view of technical SEO, Headings are an important topic. They are also a key element to ensure that the visitors enjoy a good navigating experience on your site. H1 tags must give a summary of the concerned page since they help inform the users and the bots on what the page is all about.

H1 and header tags help in making the main subject and sub topics evidently noticeable in a page. Headings also help the readers quickly identify the content that is more relevant and important to their search. These elements help Google ascertain the usefulness of your website, which in turn can impact its rating.

Unsecured Website
SEO and visitors will find it a warning signal if your website is not secured with an SSL certificate. When you had attempted to browse a website that does not have HTTP, you would have noticed that Google is forewarning you before you visit. In some URLs, the warning ‘Not Secure’ is found.

Those websites that are labeled as insecure by search engines will not attract many visitors. In addition, hackers can easily access some critical information on these sites. Therefore, it is very crucial to select the right domain for your website.

Ineffective 404 Error Pages
Never overlook or undervalue 404 pages. Usually, they are highly neglected by website designers and owners. You must know that this is a missed opportunity. When designed creatively, an error page can let the users explore some key segments of your website that can result in a profitable conversation or engagement. This is a sure way to increase conversion rates. Some common types of redirects include asking visitors to subscribe to a newsletter or taking them back to the home page.

Content and Whitespaces
Content is a very important topic with regard to SEO as well as user experience. Good content is a crucial element as it can elevate your brand and support your brand in communicating the key message to the users. However, adding the right amount of content is crucially important.

Designers must know how to use the white spaces in a webpage constructively. Do not add too much text in a website. Break the content adequately and align it with good visuals. For getting the most sales, it is important to update the content regularly.

Unattractive Design
What is attractive can differ between users. However, over designing is a big mistake many designers tend to make commonly. A cluttered website can adversely impact SEO and can also discourage the visitors from staying on your website. It is important to be highly specific about the theme, logo, typefaces and theme of the website. all these components can help bring in some coherence and consistency to your website.

Take Away
Right from the designing phase, SEO must be focused while a website development company works on your website. It is important to fine tune the designing process to match with the SEO efforts. When your website design satisfies the SERPs, your rank is bound to get a boost up. This will help increase your visibility and online presence.