Magento is one of the best eCommerce frameworks available in the market today. It offers a host of features and functionalities, but what is probably not known to many people is the fact that it also offers a large number of SEO features that enables webmasters to optimize meta data, configure the URL of pages and also generate sitemaps. 

By using the SEO Suite Ultimate – all in one Magento SEO toolkit, webmasters can do the following:

Managing large amounts of Meta Data

As the number of products is in thousands, it is not feasible to manually fill in or update the titles, meta descriptions or keywords. Though this task looks simple it is a very tedious and cumbersome process. For this purpose the SEO Suite Ultimate comes in handy as it provides meta data templates using which it is easily possible for webmasters to use any available attributes to create meta data for either a product, a category or even blog page elements.

Optimizing the pages Product & Category Reviews

There is a feature of Magento Rich Snippets provided that enables webmasters to add markup tags that let Google provide results that are more descriptive and detailed such as a product review image, user rating, availability, price etc. The Extension also connects with Facebook Open Graph protocol and Twitter Cards.

Generating advanced XML and HTML Sitemaps

The SEO Suite Ultimate enables webmasters to use canonical URLs, crop/ add a trailing slash, hide products that are out-of-stock and do more in an HTML sitemap.

Webmasters can add product images, product tags and custom links in an XML extension. Also the extension enables exclusion of any unwanted pages and runs a versatile XML sitemap validity check.

Managing Hreflang tags

In case web owners are running multi-lingual Magento stores, then the SEO Suite Ultimate enables webmasters to set Hreflang tags to let Google display localized stores in search results. SEO Suite Ultimate also enables setting up of alternate URLs for category/ product/ CMS pages through which even language and regional stores can appear in search results without duplication issues.

Setting up Internal & External Cross Links

The SEO Suite Ultimate enables automatic replacement of targeted keywords with any internal or external URLs. This enables webmasters to add links to pages that they are promoting, as well as distributing ranking authority among all important ones.

Generating SEO Reports

The SEO Suite Ultimate has a detailed and comprehensive SEO Reporting mechanism through which comprehensive SEO Reports are generated that enable webmasters identify On-page issues that might be hindering SEO activities. Webmasters can refer to these issues and take immediate corrective action. In addition to this the SEO module enables webmasters to get rid of content that is duplicate and serving no purpose content and optimize the process of site indexation. In addition there are also a whole lot of other SEO friendly features that are provided in this Suite that enable webmasters to optimize their websites as per latest Google webmaster guidelines.