Web content typically includes brand names of businesses, products and services and webmasters always ensure that the content is unique and of high quality. As part of this initiative some of the activities that are undertaken include:

Understanding and following the trend

Content and link building is a universally recognized SEO technique and webmasters that don’t want to associate with a site, do not link with it. Webmasters need to remember that:

1. Sites that are reluctant to them will not link to them if their content is not good.

2. It is not good to be linked to by a low authority site.

Webmasters must always track niche keywords to determine their position and understand the strategies of their competitors on the web.

From Web Mention to Link

As far as possible webmasters should convert brand mentions into link building opportunities.

– Search should be for mentions that are of interest for the current niche

– An attempt should be made to reach out to the audience using those keywords and brand names

New web mentions need to be spotted

Media monitoring is essential to track any keywords or mentions of any brands that are important to webmasters in any particular niche. Some of the tools used for this purpose include:

– Google Alerts

– Brand Mentions

– Talk Walker

Each of the above tools is a good one and gives good results. Sometimes there are also 404 results also and in such cases webmasters are advised to contact the administrators of those sites and ask them to link their pages to new and updated content on the website of the webmasters.

Reach out

Webmasters should reach out to niche areas and benchmark the criteria that they are seeking. In case they are receiving low responses, it could be due to because:

– They are contacting the wrong persons

– Their technique of attracting is not correct

Content is important irrespective of whether it is news or evergreen content

Webmasters should lay equal emphasis on evergreen content and news based content as each has its advantages and limitations. Webmaster should not promote or demote any one type of content at the cost of the other.

DoFollow and NoFollow strategies need to be planned properly

DoFollow and NoFollow strategies should be decided on the basis of the quality and quantity of content going in the anchor text. If content is from a reputable site and mentions DoFollow then it can add a lot of value to the website because it commands domain authority.

Interviewing and writing about influencers in your niche

This is a low cost but highly effective strategy. Webmasters should actively pursue blogging and should post bogs on their websites containing interviews of influencers in their niche. Not only does this establish readership of the blog but also establishes credibility and thought leadership.


A combination of the traditional link building approach and implied link building approach semantic search is an ideal approach that is bound to give rich dividends.