Magento Ecommerce Developers

Today, every ecommerce website development must focus on making the whole shopping experience more convenient and enjoyable to the customers. Since all the online ships today adopt a robust coding and the best security measures, the key factor that will differentiate your shopping site from those of your competitors are the customer experience and usability. Design is the best way to deliver this to your customers.

In the first place, design is not only about aesthetic looks. It is about creating a fantastic experience when your customers visit your store. The customers must be able to locate the product they want without much difficulty. The site must have features to compare between the similar products easily. The payment and checkout options must be easy. Here are the most successful things that will impact your site’s usability and improve your ecommerce design when you work with Magento Ecommerce developers.

Enhanced visual support
Ensure the layout of your Magento ecommerce store will need the least support for things that the customers can do themselves easily. The following image is from The feature helps he customers choose the right waist size for the pants they might order. ‘?’ symbol lets the customer know that by clicking on this symbol they can get the answers to their questions.

Image 1

Use breadcrumbs effectively
If your ecommerce store has a long list of products, you will need to have various pages, several categories and subcategories. ‘Breadcrumbs’ refers to displaying the chain of pages from the homepage to the page the user is currently on. This feature will make the user navigate easily through the site. Breadcrumbs have several advantages besides reducing the number of actions a visitor has to perform. The following example is from Bestbuy.

Image 2

Showcase your credentials
One of the reasons why Amazon is very popular today is the fool proof security characterizing the shopping experience. Customers feel their trust is well established with Amazon. However, smaller companies must go that extra mile to project their credentials to their customers. In the following image, see how ViralStyle manages this in a subtle but profound way. This approach shows that the company is committed to customer satisfaction.

Image 3

Use emails rather than usernames
During Magento website development, simple changes can help achieve your business goals in a profound way. Many ecommerce websites ask the customers for contact details for different purposes. They often identify a customer with a username. Since most customers have several usernames, it is good to ask them their email address to solve an important problem elated to the website usability. Take a look at the following image from to know how important this can be.

Image 4

Display the cart contents
Most users might do window shopping and then disappear without buying anything. Some others might load a few items to their shopping cart and then abandon it just before making payment only to disappear once for all. Though it is not possible to make the cart abandonment rate to zero, tis issue can be addressed in a better way. One of the important reasons why shoppers abandon their carts is that they are unable to keep track of the things they loaded on to their cart. Look at the following example to know how Target manages this.

Image 5

Make the checkout easy
When some users visit your site for the first time, they might browse and leave the site rapidly without purchasing anything. Other returning buyers might look for a particular product. See below to know how helps its customers with an easy check-out option. This will let the customer feel you value their time. Also, it is important to ask for confirmation with regard to their purchases before they move to make the payment.

Image 6