6 Ecommerce Insider Tips for Small Businesses

In the eyes of customers, small businesses and start-ups do not enjoy the same brand image as that of the big players. These big players are in a position to attract more customers in a better way and also ensure more conversion. Nevertheless, the fact remains that any small business or a start-up can also achieve the same loyalty and trust of the customers by implementing the following six tips.

Clearly state your value proposition and bestselling points
Write down at least three or four things that distinguish you as a business in a great way. They can include facts like your products are hand-made, award-winning, sold for the lowest prices, why you feel proud of your business and so on. Display these bestselling points on the homepage prominently and also in your product pages.

State the universal aspects
eCommerce thrives and grows on the element of universality. Two aspects you must highlight to your customers are shipping and return policies. These pieces of information must be provided in a simple and also accessible way. Incorporate them in the tabs as well as on the product pages. A little summary of this can be given on the cart page. If the user gets to see this information on their journey with your site, they can stay confident as well as reduce the rate of cart abandonment.

Make the ‘About’ and ‘Contact’ pages more engaging
Customers are keen to know from whom they are buying. First-time users visit the ‘About’ and ‘Contact’ pages more than the cart page. Tell the designer to create an engaging ‘About us’ page that can help connect with your customer in a better way. Some examples of valuable content you can share with your customers are the history of your business, press coverage, accolades and team photos. These aspects can help satisfy the curiosity of your customers and also connect with them on a personal level.

Display the contact information of your company on the ‘Contact’ page including a phone number, email address, social media address and a contact form. If you have a physical store or warehouse, add a map that shows the location. Also, give business hours and a photo of the unit. It is necessary to make your customers feel that you are a real business to help them, support them and advise them.

Make the customers feel safe and secure
When it comes to the payment gateway, it is most likely that the customers heavily scrutinize small businesses. It is hence necessary to partner with a global payment gateway that has won the trust of millions. It is also necessary that the gateway you choose is recognized locally. PayPal’s Express checkout can expedite the process of checking out by logging the customers on to the PayPal account quickly for completing the transaction. Good checkout options on the cart pages are found to boost up the sales by 18%.

Customer reviews can work miracles
Customer reviews are a sure way to reinforce the trust of your customers. In fact, over the past few years, customer reviews have become a must for online shops. well, presented, honest and testimonials based on real life can help generate a kind of social proof that can help the customers learn about you in a better way and get influenced positively by the actions of others.

Present your category structure in a great way
Designing the category structure of your online store is very important like designing the store itself. Know that shopping behavior can differ between customers. Give different kinds of filters to access the products from different viewpoints. The broader the category structure, the better will be the customer experience on your site. Ensure that the Magento Ecommerce development company you choose delivers you a great category page.