Your Ecommerce Site And Enhance Sales
Boosting up the sales on your ecommerce site must be your cherished dream. Here is the checklist that will get you through this mission. The steps I have discussed here will help significantly enhance the customer experience when they visit your site.

Use Pop-ups effectively
Pop-ups serve a variety of purposes both for ecommerce ad non-ecommerce sites. Some of them are meant to serve a purpose like privacy compliance while some are meant for promotional purposes. Effective use of pop-ups can help enhance sales.

As soon as they land on your site, never force your visitors to download your native mobile app for shopping.

Asking your visitors to complete a survey the moment they visit your site can be annoying. Wait till they make a purchase or till there are signs that they are leaving the site.

If you have plans to ask your visitors to opt for an email, ensure if it is worthy for them. Give them some incentive that will compel them to make a purchase.

Avoid using troublesome pop-ups.

Pay attention to the visitor’s search behavior
In terms of their search, your visitors are giving you very useful insights on what they are looking for. Pay attention to their search behavior and act accordingly.

Here are a few ways to enhance the site search experience of your customers.

Make it a practice to review the queries from time to time so that you will keep track of the popular searches.

Use top queries to search the results page and suggestions yourself. Do this especially when you add a new product to your shopping site.

Gain insights from the search query data to decide on the right decisions related to merchandise, products and promotions. Understand what your visitors are telling you through their search and respond accordingly.

Check your site’s loading speed
Sites and pages that load faster are visited more. Ensure that the app you are using to power your site does not slow down your ecommerce site. Ensure that the apps you use and the image sizes are not slowing down your site.

While using a non-hosted platform like Magento or Woo-Commerce to power your site, you must remember that the plan you have subscribed to will impact the hosting speed.

Your plan, resources and data will all go together in deciding the site speed.

Make the product listing easy to sort and search
The customer experience when they view your products is crucial in driving sales. Consider if you can include sort and available options, sorting the listing page in terms of new arrivals, have you included best sellers, and lowest price, relevant items and trending items.

Ensure all your products have proper attributes to be available on relevant search filters. Some of the criteria you can use include size, color, price, style, release date, rating, compatibility and others.

Mention the information on availability and delivery timeframes. Remember in today’s world replete with supply chain issues, customers want this information on top of anything else. Readily available stock increases the chances of selling.

Use the effective use of pricing and promotions to drive sales. Discounted products sell more and faster than others.

Check if the product details page has enough details
Your product details page must give reliable information on what your customers need to decide if a product is useful to them or not. Start a list and get started with execution. Some interesting elements that can help optimize your products details page are user scenarios, images from different angles, zooming facility, inventory, stock status, delivery time frame, video overview, questions and answers, reviews that are moderated, specifications in detail. Ensure what will matter the most to your customer and take steps to include those pieces of information.

For instance, let us talk of a shirt. Customers who wish to buy it may care more about aspects like cleaning instructions in case of cleaning products, country of origin, materials, ethical manufacturing, eco-friendliness, wrinkle care, sizing chart, dyes, and others.

Shopping Cart – the crucial part of customer experience
Shopping cart is the most critical point in the purchase journey of your customer. This is the point where the customer will either move forward to make a purchase or make a second guess and abandon the decision to buy.

Some nice ways of enhancing the customer experience at the point of shopping cart can include the following. Ensure there is a way back to the product page for the customer to consult if they want to make any additional research.

Make the return policy transparent, easily understandable and crystal clear. Never let the customer make guesses they are not sure about. Give ways to make a saving on the price of products. Explain the fulfillment options without ambiguity like if the product is to be shipped home, shipped to store or to be picked up from the store.

Include an abandoned cart feature that will send emails to the customers who have logged in and left the product in the cart for a given period of time.

Include these features in the checkout process
Check these aspects to ensure that the customer is motivated to complete the checkout process successfully. Ensure there is a ‘guest checkout’. Check the instructions clearly so that the customer does not have to get lost or feel overwhelmed.

Consider if you can give a low cost shipping option even it has to be a ‘slow boat’ kind of shipping option.

Auto-fill functions can reduce the customer’s burden and ease the checkout process. Many customers like to avail of ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ (BNPL) option. Though you might feel your products are not pricey to necessitate such an arrangement, quite a many customers choose this option even while purchasing low cost products.

Enhance the mobile web experience of visitors
All of the points we have discussed above must be tweaked to cater to a great mobile experience. Test all of these features on mobile to make sure if the customer will find shopping a pleasure.

Take home
Though no one can guarantee success by focusing on these aspects, there is no doubt that your ecommerce sales and revenue are likely to receive a boost with such measures introduced into your online shopping site. Whether you are a startup, or an established online store, this checklist can help you ascertain if your ecommerce site can ably meet the customer expectations.