How To Convince Your Clients Regarding The Advantages Of WordPress

Letting the clients take well informed decision is one of the big responsibilities in front of web developers and designers. It can be viewed more like a pitching process. While some clients do not wish to care what platform they use as long as the site is built to their expectations, some might ask for every small detail connected to the website development process. Some are in fact skeptical of the capabilities of WordPress just because it is an open source platform and comes free of cost. So, it is necessary to make the clients aware of the overwhelming advantages of WordPress so that they are able to appreciate how the project is progressing.

One of the top reasons why many developers depend on WordPress is that this is software that is based fully on open source architecture. Therefore it is never a difficult thing to customize the development project to suit any needs and also maintain the site in an affordable way in the long run. It is however, essential to hire a WordPress developer with not less than 3-4 years of experience in the industry and has hands on experience in developing versatile range of websites related to different industry domains. At the same time, some uninformed clients might always raise some objections regarding WordPress and here are the points you can make use of to convince them to stick on to WordPress.

WordPress is primarily a blogging platform
This is perhaps the most popular argument a client might put forth. No doubt WordPress was developed as a blogging platform in 2008. However, today this versatile kind of platform has highly evolved support all kinds of commercial as well as personal sites. Since WordPress is fully based on PHP Programming, it is an open source platform making it easy to customize it as pet the arising needs of the clients. WordPress today offers thousands of themes, plugins and templates to revolutionize the website building experience and make the site a feature rich and stable one.

How good is WordPress for SEO
Though most clients might not be aware of this fact, WordPress is called as the powerhouse of SEO. Its semantic backend coding makes it highly SEO friendly. In addition, the great news is the WordPress directory is a rich store of several SEO plugins that will enable businesses boost this functionality. As per the latest algorithm of Google, the success of SEO mission depends on putting the original content in the spotlight and in this case it is easy to directly increase the web traffic by depending on WordPress.

How secure is WordPress
Automatic is the company that is developing WordPress. The firm has employed a dedicated security team to ensure that the platform is full safe from hack attempts, injections, spams and viruses. Further for the purpose of boosting up the security, the site owners can choose to download some highly useful plugins to protect its core and other functionalities.

Is it good to depend on this open source platform?
The WordPress community has some top notch designers, coders, testers and global users. They do a big team work to maintain it on a daily basis and also enhance it to meet the evolving requirements and tends. WordPress is very famous for offering round the clock technical support and also up-gradation. This platform fully adheres to the guidelines issued by W3C (World Wide Web Consortium), the international forum that looks forward to evolve the best standards for web coding.

Real developers hand-code everything
Sometimes, this is a strange question the clients ask. They feel the developer prefers WordPress since it rules out the need for coding and makes the job easier. The fact remains that irrespective of the choice of the platform, the developer must be proficient in PHP coding and SQL. Therefore this is not going to be the factor for the developers to go for WordPress.

WordPress has far reaching advantages. It is continuously updated to the evolving requirements of clients and therefore it can be depended on for any challenging implementation. However, it is prudent to be prepared for the most popular questions asked by the clients to be able to convince them regarding the advantages of WordPress.