How to boost the performance of your eCommerce store?

Every eCommerce store owner must understand a few things regarding the kind of business he is into. Online marketing or digital marketing is a fast evolving concept with a large number of online stores proliferating. Unlike the physical stores where the location and infrastructure shall help attract customers, the paradigms that work for eCommerce stores are entirely different. For the success of your eCommerce business, you need to focus mainly on the performance of your website. Researches show that a slow loading website can put off the modern age customers and for every second that your site delays to load, it is estimated that you lose 7% of your business. It is vital to discuss the aspects that will get your eCommerce store perform well to stand the tough competition around and grab a good share of the customers.

Tips to get your site load faster

Apart from loss of traffic and a higher bounce rate, low speed can also affect the search engine ranking of the business since search engines like Google prioritize loading speed as a criterion for ranking. Therefore you need to do your bit to increase the loading speed of your site. In the first place, it is important to choose the best host provider. Look for firms that place speed at the top of their agenda.

Implement a sound content management system that can ably support your store as well as adapt to the evolving needs. With the number of mobile devices increasing phenomenally, it is a must to go for a responsive site design. Occasionally you need to check for broken links that can impinge on the loading speed and also test your pages in relation to monitor speed rates.

Reduce the size of your images by using image optimization tools and by converting the files to the right kind of format. By setting the width and height dimensions to your images within the code of your site, you can see to that browsers can load the images and the pages simultaneously at higher speeds. If you have static content on your site that remains unchanged regularly, you can arrange to cache it on the browser. This can save time of the visitors and improve the speed.

Tips to market your eCommerce store

Make the effective use of social media in more than one ways to significantly enhance the brand awareness of your site. Incorporate social sharing buttons on to your site to increase your online presence. At the same time, do this cautiously since too many social sharing buttons can slow down the site. It is found that some social sharing buttons thrust 500KB on a site. Therefore use only those you deem appropriate to your audience.

Make use of multiple servers to deliver your site content to the users. This can also help boost up the loading time of the site. Avoid the mistake of communication overload. Do not add too many plug-ins or extensions to your eCommerce store. Also desist from embedding too many external sources into your site. Ultimately, the most important task you need to concentrate to increase the performance of your eCommerce site is to implement proven strategies in marketing, SEO and customer support.