How Small Businesses Can Improve SEO for their ventures?

SEO is a highly challenging task that requires a comprehensive approach from different angles. However, there are some incredibly easy things that small business owners can do towards their SEO initiatives without spending a pie.

Be realistic with your expectations

Know what you can expect and what you cannot from your mission. Giant competitors move with huge budgets and therefore it is natural that you are not going to rank number one for your main keyword. Therefore you can aim for specific keywords instead of the general and high end keywords.

Know your niche

Spend some time to discover the keywords that best explain your niche. For instance, if you are an online grocery store offering door deliveries, there is no point in working with the general grocery store or online store keywords. Instead you can include the name of your locality and make it ‘order groceries Springfield’ for instance.

Depend on mid-tail keywords

While some experts insist on long tail keywords, there are reasons why you must prefer mid-tail ones instead. Especially small businesses can benefit from including the name of the locality they are catering to. Professionally run SEO services India can help you out in this regard.

Benefit from online platforms

Small businesses operating locally are making an extensive use of the media. Therefore it is essential that you make the effective use of your Twitter account and Facebook pages. Add your business to Google Businesses and fill out the opening hours and required information. The organic search results shall display this information which shall come to your benefit.

Make the right use of offline platforms

If you are a new website, it is a good idea to contact the local newspaper. These companies have a wide reach. Check from them how they can help promote your business offline. Participate in a local event and add it in your blog post.

Create a buzz

Ask people to write a review on Google business or yelp. Giveaways and sweepstakes to the online visitors can help. Celebrate the number of likes with the appropriate coupons. Run promotions offline also. Trigger little things as much as possible so that the people talk about your brand and products.

Ensure the freshness of the content

Ranking high depends on many things more than adding blog posts and posting opening times. You should always add fresh content to your site. If the content does not expire soon, then the visitors shall be attracted more. Include your keywords in the dynamic content you are likely to add from time to time.


By adding a blog to your website, you can make your visitors stick around your site for more time with frequent visits. Blogs are the fuel for social media and newsletters. Therefore more than being just an extension, they can productively contribute to increase the traffic to your site.

Focus on local links

It always pays to check what related businesses are operating in your locality. You can significantly expand your local network by reaching out to these companies which shall help create useful backlinks. With these backlinks, Google can easily understand your geographical domain.

Post your contact details in as many places you can

For small businesses, it is important to get in touch with potential customers. This can be done at its best by adding your contact details on all the pages whether in the footer or sidebar. Phone number or email form can make people approach you easily.

Know the importance of your website

With the phenomenal increase of online activity across all industry domains, know that your website is the window to reach out the potential customers. It must reflect the culture of your business and the spirit with which it is operated. Welcome your visitors nicely and engage them thoroughly to invite more sales.