Getting Started Ecommerce Business with Magento
Startups venturing into the eCommerce business will find Magento an incredible platform to further their cherished ends. When you wish to create a state of the art eCommerce store with the help of an accomplished Magento development company, here are the guidelines that will come to your help.

Top reasons why Magento is a great eCommerce platform
Offers a gamut of features that will suffice the needs of any eCommerce store
Comes with a large number of extensions both free and paid to serve all your needs and a lot of developers are actively adding up to the existing portfolio of extensions.
Offers a wide range of themes suitable to versatile kinds of industries
Installing and setting up a theme is very easy aided by the documentations available

Step by step Magento eCommerce website development
While venturing into starting your own eCommerce venture, you must decide a few things. Go through these steps to get your online store running.

Choose products and industry
This is never a simple thing as you might imagine. Today, the market is proliferated with billions of products and therefore choosing the right product is the determining factor for your success. In choosing the product, you must consider aspects like profit margin, locally available or not, industry domain, availability of manufacturers and suppliers and of course your flair for the products and services you wish to market.

Creating the website
If you have chosen Magento as your eCommerce platform, you are in line with those several successful online businesses. You must now find a good Magento developer to take up your online store development project. Pick up the right name that will suit what you are selling. Cloud hosting is a better option for you since shared hosting servers are not known for their good results. Cloud hosting servers assure reliability as well as fast loading time.

Magento as the best CMS
Magento is an excellent eCommerce solution that capacitates hundreds and thousands of retailers across the world. This highly feature rich CMS can let you effectively control every single aspect of your online store. Since it is an open source platform, you can use it for free, which will help significantly bring down the cost of your online store development project. The enterprise version coming with some advanced features and official support comes with a decent price. If you have decided you will develop your site on Magento, then go ahead and develop your logo and online store.

Add products to your online store
Once the site is ready for you to sell your products, you must now start adding products to your online store. Adding products, customizing the different aspects of you site as per your needs is very easy with Magento. Make the effective use of the several online sources to learn about this subject.

Start selling your products
At this stage, you are very much ready to sell your products. Find some social media networks and other advertising avenues to reach out the potential customers. Ask your friends to start buying from your store. Adding up a marketing campaign to your site is a great idea.