As a merchant it is very important for you to turn your first time buyers into repeat buyers. This can happen if you create customer stickiness on your website, engage with your visitors and win their trust.

The more trust you build, the easier will it be for you to convert visitors into customers. Once converted, these customers will then keep coming back to you because they will derive better value transaction in working with you. This could be due to a number of reasons such as price, speed, benefits, convenience, service or any other factor.

How does a PPC Management Company add value?
To create customer stickiness and to build a buzz around your offerings requires careful planning and implementation and this is where a PPC Management company can help.

Based on your business goals, a PPC Management company works close with you to build the most optimum Pay-per-Click (PPC) strategy that helps your business grow.

To achieve the best results, they create a consistent and compelling message that combines the right keywords, ad messaging and site experience to generate sales. They carry out tests to analyze every aspect of your campaign and rigorously optimize it from end-to-end.

Turn your first time buyers into repeat customers
The key to success lies in converting your first time buyers into repeat customers. If you are able to do this then you would be successful, because it is far easier to get business from an existing customer, than to invest in tools and technologies to win a new customer.

The question is how to motivate first time buyers to become loyal and repeat customers?
This is not easy because buyers are very experienced professionals and are easily able to differentiate between different types of service providers and the value they bring. To them experience is critical. If you treat them ordinarily, they will never forget that feeling of unimportance, but if you offer them an engaging experience, then they are most likely to become your loyal customers.

Below are some tips that would help you create customer stickiness and get repeat sales easily:
– Improve the experience of your customers
The best way to achieve this is to create unique customer experiences across all the channels that your customers interact with your brand, product or your service. Your customers will experience this the moment they land on your site and find an interesting ad. They will click it and if that happens to be their moment of truth, then they will make the purchase.

They may revisit your site again through a mobile device and if their experience is seamless like before, they are likely to recommend your site and also become repeat buyers. For their loyalty, you can offer them a discount on repeat purchases, or offer them a small gift.

– Build a customer loyalty program
The biggest advantage of a customer loyalty program is that it is easy to start and leads to customer retention. Firstly, you are able to capture details of the customers like their names, contact information and possibly their interests, and secondly with a loyalty program in place, you are able to offer those interesting products and services that they might think of buying.

For their repeat purchases you can offer them free shipping or special discounts, or send them promotional materials ahead of a new launch.

– Get a 3600 view of your customers
This is the best statistic that you can get of your customers. Known as a 3600 customer view, it enables you get a complete view of your customers by aggregating data from the various touch points that they use to contact you to purchase your products or services. It provides an end-to-end picture of your customer’s journey and experience with your company, and how they felt at various steps along the journey.

– Make personalized offers to your clients
Create personalized messages for your customers that are unique to them and aligned with their needs and profession. Such a message will appeal to them more and will motivate them to respond, rather than a message that is impersonal and only seeks to impart information rather than providing a call to action. With Automation and AI, it is now possible to implement personalized marketing campaigns at scale.

– Cross-sell and up-sell to your clients
Once you have a 3600 customer view of your clients, you are in a good position to know about their needs and requirements and can accordingly make a proactive approach with some cross-sell and up-sell offers that would appeal to them. That means instead of waiting for customers to browse your website, you coax customers to buy by sending them a carefully curated selection of products direct to their inboxes.

– Maintain communication and keep decision maker in the loop
Even though you might be in contact with the other staff members on day-to-day matters it is a best practice to maintain contact with the decision maker who had decided to make the first purchase with you. Additionally, you should also keep the decision maker in the loop on all important matters.

– Propose new ideas and topics to your customers
If you know the business of your customers, it is a good idea to propose them ideas and suggestions that improve their top line or bottom-line, or lead to some improvement in their operations.

A PPC Management company is ideal for those businesses that don’t have an in-house advertising team and are new to online marketing. They are not so familiar with ways in which they can optimize their website to attract more visitors and thus create a buzz, or customer stickiness.

A PPC Management company has significant expertise in online advertising and understands the nuances of Google Adwords. Secondly, it has industry contacts and established connections to existing advertising platforms.

They can easily help businesses profit from online advertising and compete at near-equal terms with businesses that have larger operations.