Google’s local 7-Pack is now Google’s /”>search engine rankings. The old local 7-Pack of Google included several details such as names of businesses, addresses and phone numbers. It was referred to as the pack of 7 because it used to list 7 locations of the businesses. This has now been replaced by a reference to the website of the company.

The broad changes that have been made in converting Google’s local 7-Pack to Google’s local 3-Pack are as follows:

– The 7- Pack has now been renamed to 3- Pack

– Google Maps has acquired importance

– There is less focus on Google+

– Websites have become more visible

– Although phone numbers are not visible, they can easily be found

– There are no changes in the way reviews and review stars are displayed

Staying on top of the situation and still remaining competitive is a task that every business needs to do and below are some pointers that are helpful:

Businesses should adjust their local search marketing objective

In local 3-Pack businesses that are closest to the searcher will get a preference as local 3-Pack is dependent upon the location of the searcher.

Businesses must provide relevant information to Google

Enterprises should try and give as much information as is possible to Google as this information is needed by searchers when they are looking in Google. The information includes:

– On-Page content of the website

– Off-Page information coming from the website

– Google Maps

– Reviews done locally

– Marketing that has been done offline

– Local backlinks to the website

Marketers should focus on On-Page content for local search

This means that marketers should try and create local content for each different city or location that they are trying to optimize.

Businesses should also focus on Off-Page signals that affect their rankings

Typically this means that businesses should get listed in relevant categories in local business directories such as yellow pages. The more listings they have the higher will be their chances of coming up in SERPs. Rank Tracker should be used to determine the influential and most effective directories.

Optimizing rankings on Google Maps

Businesses should optimize their listings on Google maps particularly the names and addresses of the businesses, start ratings and reviews and store hours.

Earning local reviews on Yelp, TripAdvisor

Businesses should try and earn reviews from users and have them posted on sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor.As these sites enjoy heavy traffic, earning a review on these sites will be very helpful.

Earning links through Offline Marketing

Businesses have a reputation in the marketing and even if it is goodwill earned through offline means it goes a long way in promoting the online reputation of the business.

This can be done in multiple ways:

– Getting .edu links

– Supporting philanthropic causes

– Joining a local Chamber of Commerce

Building local backlinks

Building local backlinks is crucial to the survival of any online business and using tools like Google SpyGlass one is able to see the backlinks of the competitor and is able to also see the origin of the backlinks. Then he is able to replicate these backlinks into his own business. As a conclusion it would be good to replicate the above mentioned ideas in order to optimise rankings in Google local 3-Pack