Make Your Magento Web Store Mobile FriendlyHaving experienced the mobile friendly update introduced by Google last April, you would have learnt the importance of a mobile optimized website with most users turning to smart phones and tablets for browsing. Therefore being mobile friendly is one of the most essential criteria to drive traffic to your website. The large number of tools available online can help incorporate mobile friendly characteristics to your Magento powered store.

For those who wish to avoid the hassles of developing a mobile optimized Magento website from the scratch, Couch Commerce provides the ideal tool. This is a popular Magento extension that can transform the desktop version of Magento into a mobile optimized one by employing its web app technology. On top of this, it also makes use of the open source Sofa SDK technology to enable performing best touch-optimized webstore. The other added benefits of this tool include the ability to accommodate third party integrations, offline functioning capabilities and continuous updates besides several others. Though you will have to pay for this tool, the price is not alarming which starts from 3000 Euros a month.

ShopGate is an incredible option and deemed as the best tool available today. With splendid capabilities, it allows you to register and choose your favorite mobile website design besides installing Magento plugin to your store. Once this is done, you can easily manage all the settings including payment processors and get your store live online. The other things that shall amaze you include the ability to create some unique shopping apps for your web store. The awesome characteristics of this tool ensue from its highly helpful features that come standard with all the mobile applications similar to push notices. ShopGate can cover about 6 platforms including mobile sites meant for smartphones, tablet apps, android smart phones, tablets, iPhone and iPad apps. Since everything is connected to analytical data, you can choose the best marketing decisions that are perfectly aligned to your mobile strategy.

Mobify with its special capabilities to support mobile shopping can effortlessly integrate with your present Magento web store. In fact, you can do this without making any alterations to your marketing software. After you do the integration successfully, this tool can make use of the user management to further the abilities of your e-store to provide mobile optimized solutions like web application that can fit to cell phones and tablets. You can also depend on this platform for installing mobile device capabilities into your web store NFC, payments, touch securities and several others. These features shall let you provide the perfect online shopping experience across all kinds of mobiles. We can say Mobify is the ideal tool to influence the power of mobile access.

Those looking forward to simple kind of tools for mobile optimization can check the features of Mofluid that provides the most basic and decent approach to launching your mobile apps. This is also an ideal tool for those exploring ways to attract mobile users while retaining their website. This kind of scenario might be forced by several situations. Your backend that is old and might require redesigning or you might not be interested in fiddling with your highly convertible page design. Under such circumstances, you will find Mofluid handy. Benefiting from Mofluid is very easy. You just have to install the extension, configure the same from your admin panel, download the app and then upload them on App Store and Google Play.

When you wish to hire Magento Ecommerce developers India, you need to explore all the above mentioned options to succeed in your endeavor to attract the mobile using customers.