Magento 1 and Magento 2 Development

Magento 2 is the advanced version of Magento 1. Most business owners who have a webstore on Magento 1 are interested to know, whether it is a well-considered decision to migrate to Magento 2, or not. Hence, in order to build a perspective, this article provides notable differences between Magento 1 and Magento 2.

Speed of loading the web store
One of the main differences is the shorter time taken by Magento 2 for loading the webstore. As per analysts, it takes half the time for the webstore to load on Magento 2 than it takes on Magento 1. Fast loading can be seen on the important pages that comprise the Homepage, the CMS, the category selection page and the product page.

Optimization of the JavaScript library
Webstores running on Magento 2 exhibit enhanced performance and provide enhanced features and functionality. This is due to the fact that Magento 2 has replaced Prototype with Require JS as the core JavaScript library and so there are fewer number of JavaScript files that need to be called.

Magento 1 on the other hand still has Prototype as the core JavaScript library and this leads to many functionality and compatibility issues, especially slowing down of the platform. The main reason is that in most implementations importing Prototype also leads to importing of JQuery.

Magento 2 offers more flexibility with latest versions of PHP
Magento 2 is superior to Magento 1 in the sense that Magento 2 is compatible with and supports all the latest versions of PHP. This makes it feature rich and flexible. Magento 1 on the other hand supports only older versions of PHP.

Magento 2 has an improvised admin panel
Magento 2 offers webstore owners the opportunity to customize the admin panel quickly and as per their needs. Compared to this, Magento 1 admin panel is very outdated and not user friendly at all.

Magento 2 is more mobile friendly
Magento 2 is mobile friendly by default. Not only that, it is highly user friendly and responsive. Touch friendliness is also high. In comparison to this Magento 1 platform requires modification as it is not responsive and user friendly.

Magento 2 offers more native features
Magento 2 offers developers several in-built features. One of this is the availability of plugins. In Magento 1 developers were required to build plugins to carry out tasks such as setting up a web shop with all the different functionalities, but in Magento 2 this task is not required as in-built native features offer a lot of functionality to the web store.

Magento 2 resolves conflicts in extensions
Magento 2 does away with manual coding that is required in Magento 1 while designing a web store using extensions. In Magento 1, there is mostly an overlap in extensions which can only be resolved manually and this is time consuming.

Compared to this,Magento 2 offers a plugin that changes the behavior of the class or method and therefore avoids manual coding.

The above comparison concludes that Magento 2 is far more superior to Magento 1. Magento 2 is robust, flexible and offers far more features and functionalities than Magento 1. Magento 2 brings scale and is ideal for those web store owners, who want to increase their product offerings and grow their business.

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