Today there are many SEO companies operating in the market and for an individual or a business that needs SEO service, the challenge really is to find out which are the good SEO companies, shortlist the better ones among them and finally select the one that meets the criteria of being the best SEO Company India. Easy as it might seem this is not an easy task as there are only a handful of companies in India, which can truly be called a genuine SEO Company India this brings us to the interesting question of what really is a SEO Company India?

5 Factors to consider when searching for the best SEO Company India

A genuine SEO Company India is one that has technically qualified and Google certified Adwords And Analytics professionals on staff and one that provides ethical white hat SEO services.

A genuine SEO Company India will focus on organic optimization of your website through natural link building strategies with like- minded companies that offer either related or complementary products and services.

A genuine SEO Company India is always aware of the latest releases being made by Google in its search engine algorithms and creates innovative SEO strategies to help companies that have been affected by Google Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird and Mobilegeddon updates.

A genuine SEO Company India understands the importance keywords in SEO work but rather than seeing them in isolation, it combines them with Google best practices related to SEO in all its work and puts a lot of emphasis on creating a comprehensive content marketing strategy for website optimization.

Lastly, a true SEO Company India will never promise or guarantee top rankings in search results in the short term. Rather it will focus on a long term and sustained SEO campaign.

TechIndia software is one such company based out of India that meets the above 5 parameters and can truly be called a genuine SEO Company in India. Globally speaking TechIndia Software belongs to that elite group of SEO companies that practice ethical white SEO practices focusing on organic search optimization as per Google guidelines.