How These Six Incredible Magento Blog Extensions Can Help Your E-commerce WebsiteAcross a wide range of requirements, Magento Blog Extensions render some amazing features to websites that are useful to connect with the present as well as potential users. Therefore businesses are keen to hire Magento Ecommerce developers in India who can create design extensions custom rendered to meet their specific needs and expectations.

Magento has long established itself as the most preferred platform for developing eCommerce websites. The inimitable features of this versatile platform contribute to enhancing revenue. Some of the most wonderful blog extensions of Magento can help stretch the functionality of online shops and lead to future-proof business. By virtue of significantly enhancing the customer experience, these blog extensions can bring about a heavy traffic back to your site. Therefore there is zeal among top businesses to hire Magento developers to program certain tailored modules for their sites.

Here are a set of six blog extensions that you can custom make for your website for enhancing the interaction with your customers the most effective way.

Blog Pro
You can make use of Blog Pro to evolve some responsive posts with the use of videos, thumbnails, images and a range of other tools to create a blog that is highly engaging to the visitors. The program also offers share buttons that can help disburse the useful content across other social networking platforms. The highly user-friendly interface makes Blog Pro the most preferred SEO-friendly modules that is immensely useful to bring in the new customers who land on your site from different search engines. The interface is intuitive in the sense it facilitates administer comments, tag, category, URL, des and author connected to the blog post.

aheadWorks’ Blog-Community Edition
aheadWoks provides an interactive two-way platform for connecting with the present as well as new visitors visiting the site. For the purpose of engaging the audience, Magento Blog Community Edition features some tools to evolve useful content. Also, you can bank on them for creating SEO-Friendly text links for letting the website perform great on search engines. You can also depend on these extensions to supply the latest information on the new releases, news and the opinions of customers. Some of the most useful features of this extension include blog breadcrumbs, multi-store support, and the tool to for duplicating posts.

Neotheme’s nBlog- Blog Extension
Site owners can depend on this extension to relieve themselves of the stress of managing the blogs without having to depend on any additional framework. You can facilitate a backend integration of this extension with Magento for administering the layout, submission and other aspects very easily. The main advantage of this extension is you can alter the layouts without the knowledge of coding skills.

Simple Blog
Magento’s simple blog extension lets the site owners administer and manage a blog for the website besides effectively taking care of the complete range of content marketing activities. This is very much easy to manage and install. You can purchase this with a 15 days money back guarantee agreement.

Marketplace Blog
Magento’s Marketplace Blog Extension helps enhance the conversion rates and sales by including their posts in a blog. Sellers can manage these blogs and they can be viewed by using seller name, tags and category. To be able to use this module, you must have preinstalled the Marketplace module on the site. As this is compatible with multiple stores, you can thoroughly customize Marketplace Blog based on your requirements.

MageWorld’s CMS Pro News/Blog
This is very much user friendly and easy to install. CMS Pro News/Blog renders managing the eCommerce website so easily. You can install this module on your store and provide the latest news on the Homepage as well as the side bar. You can make use of the Pagination support to control the number of news and blogs to be displayed.

All the Magento blog extensions discussed so far can significantly enhance the customer experience and therefore businesses can tremendously benefit from them in terms of enhancing conversion rate, drive more conversions and grow the online revenue.