YouTube Shopping

Online stores powered by Shopify can go an extra mile to widen their business prospects. True! Connecting your YouTube channel to Shopify can open up exciting opportunities to find new customers, enhance user experience, sell more and find a new avenue to grow your online business.

In this article, we will learn how to connect your Shopify Store to YouTube. This will make it extremely easier to sell products to your audience. Also, we will learn the advantages of connecting YouTube channel to Shopify and how to get the most out of this mission.

YouTube’s cool feature lets you connect your channel with Shopify

It is a great idea to connect your YouTube channel to your Shopify website. This can help turn your viewers into customers, add more conveniences to shoppers, and grow your sales and profits. Interestingly, this can be done in a few simple steps without any professional help. Here is how to connect your YouTube channel to Shopify in a few steps.

YouTube has introduced a cool way to connect Shopify stores with YouTube channels. This will allow entrepreneurs and creators showcase their products across YouTube.

After YouTube launched this feature, it is made possible for channels that meet the eligibility criteria to showcase their products to a wider audience, which the viewers can choose to buy without even leaving YouTube.

Though such integrations were attempted by YouTube earlier, there is something new and interesting in the latest development. Now viewers can make direct purchases on YouTube without having to visit an external link to shop what they want.

Which YouTube channels are eligible for this?

To be able to link their YouTube channel to Shopify, the YouTube chennale must satisfy the following criteria.

  • The YouTube channel looking forward to connect to Shopify must have been approved for monetization.
  • The creator of the channel must be based in a country or region that is approved for this facility.
  • The channel that wants to connect to Shopify must have 10,000 subscribers or it must be an official channel of an artist.
  • The channel’s audience must not have been set as ‘made for kids’
  • The channel is not violating any monetization policies of YouTube.

If you meet all the criteria above, here are the simple steps to connect your YouTube channel to Shopify.

Connecting your YouTube channel to Shopify – simple steps explained

Connecting your YouTube channel to Shopify is not a big deal. Once you do this, you can start selling your products on YouTube. Here are the simple steps to connect your YouTube channel to Shopify website.

Go to YouTube Studio and Sign In.

On the left side menu, select ‘Monetization’

Click on ‘Shopping’

From the list of tasks on the drop down menu, click on ‘Connect Store’

Select ‘Shopify’ and then click on ‘Continue’

Once you go through these steps, YouTube will direct you to Shopify where you can complete the entire setup process.

You will get a prompt to sign in. After signing in, select ‘Add App’. This will add Google channel to your Shopify store.

Once you have completed the process till this stage, you need to fulfill the following steps in Shopify.

Once you have added the Google app to Shopify, click on ‘Add sales channel’, which you will find on the top right.

Select ‘Connect Google Account’ and then sign in.

On the next page, you will have fields that will guide you to complete all the store requirements with a few simple entries.

Once you fill in these columns, you are almost done and will have only a few more simple steps to go.

While you are still there in Shopify, you need to connect these steps.

If you already have a Google Merchant Center account, you need to add it. If you do not have one, you must create a new one.

Go through Google’s terms of service and click on ‘Agree’.

Click on ‘Complete Setup’

Now you have successfully connected your accounts. There is one last step you must go with. You must now sync your products with YouTube.

You will land on the next screen where you must click on ‘Get Started’.

Make sure that your channel meets all the requirements and then click on ‘Continue’.

From the drop down menu, select your channel.

Read through the terms of service of YouTube Shopping, click on ‘Agree’ and then click on ‘Complete Setup’.

Once the setup process is completed, YouTube will review your products for compliance with the policies of YouTube Shopping and Google Merchant Center.

The approval process might take a number of business days to complete. Once you get the approval, you will see your products on YouTube. From the list of videos, you can select which videos you want to appear.

What to expect by connecting YouTube channel to Shopify

Online merchants land on a host of advantages by connecting their YouTube channel to their Shopify store. A few of such alluring benefits are explained here.

Better visibility

YouTube provides a better visibility to your products. You can feature all your products under the videos, or on end screens. You may also project them elsewhere on YouTube. Therefore, you get a chance to take your products to YouTube viewers and get customers from this new avenue.

Sync your product catalogue with YouTube

You can sync your products catalogue with YouTube automatically. When you add new products or remove some existing products on your Shopify store, all those updates will be automatically reflected on your YouTube channel page too.

Access to some useful additional features

YouTube has some interesting and useful features to offer online merchants. You can benefit from some additional features of YouTube Shopping like ‘Live Shopping’.

On-site checkout tool

Your YouTube viewers can make a purchase right on your YouTube channel without leaving it.

Shopping Tab

When you connect your Shopify account to your YouTube channel, you will be able to unlock the Store tab. This will work as a digital store front your customers and you will really love.