If you are an individual or a business and thinking of choosing the ideal white label SEO Reseller Program, then you must build these 7 Pointers into your search criteria:


  • Hire only Google certified Adwords and Analytics professionals. Insist on hiring staff that are Google Certified and have certificates to prove their expertise. This is a best practice because in most instances only 10 – 15 % of the staff is certified whereas SEO companies claim that all the staff working on a project is certified.



  • Latest SEO best practices – Hire a genuine SEO company that is knowledgeable and well versed with the latest SEO best practices suggested by Google and can build a comprehensive SEO strategy for you or your company incorporating the latest content marketing strategy.



  • Choose an SEO company who has a very reference able set of customers – customers who are happy with the work of the SEO Company and can vouch for its performance. Ask for references and if possible, talk to the references beforehand.



  • Choose an SEO company who offers the most attractive and most advantageous white label SEO Reseller Programs. Take care however that a mere percentage point here and there will not make a big difference. What will make the difference is the fact whether the SEO Company is competent enough to do the work.



  • Hire an SEO company that offers a very transparent white label SEO Reseller Program and supports you in the event of any negative feedback from a customer.



  • For a successful white label SEO Reseller Program, check the number of trained SEO professionals on staff. Make sure that the SEO Company has full time SEO resources on board as many a time, SEO companies hire freelance professionals who have no continuity of service or commitment to the project.



  • Lastly, it is important to ensure that the terms of contract of the white label SEO Reseller Program are fair and apply equally well to both the SEO provider as well as the SEO Reseller.The above Pointers should guide you well in your search for the best white label SEO Reseller Program.