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What is Facebook Advertising?

Facebook advertising has gained popularity for obvious reasons. With 1 billion+ active users, Facebook has a tremendous reach amongst people of different age groups who log in to their accounts several times a day to check out just about everything under the sun - finding contacts, checking what their friends are doing, informing others of their activities and sharing with them their likes, dislikes and interests. Each person usually has several friends and each friend in turn also has friends. Therefore the multiplier effect that each activity has on Facebook is unimaginable.

Marketing companies leverage exactly this feature of Facebook to their advantage. Any company can advertise their products or service offerings on Facebook. The process is very simple. Companies simply inform Facebook of the products/ services that they are launching and the user group that they are targeting on Facebook. Based on this information Facebook selects users from its database that would be best fits for the advertisements. A selection is made on the basis of basic information such as address, gender, age or using more detailed information such as likes, interests and the social network of friends. Other demographics can also be used as required.

The design and look of the Facebook Ad is prepared well in advance so that it coincides with the launch date on Facebook. Plans for research & analysis on the actual launch are also prepared in advance so that reporting can be carried out properly and findings can be made available to key stakeholders as required. Care is taken to ensure that best practices are carried out all along the way.

FaceBook Advertising Services

Tips for successful Facebook Advertising

Tips and best practices for Facebook Advertising can broadly be classified as follows:

1.Focus on the Ad design and content

  • What is the USP of your product/ service? Do a market analysis to differentiate your product/ service from the competitors and write a few lines about it.

  • Choose images that are appropriate and related to your offerings and also attract the audience to like or click them.

  • Use calls to action and define goals that when users are on your page
  • State the body of the text in the Facebook Ad.
  • Use different combinations of ads by juggling text and images and do an analysis to check which style is liked the most.

2.Do market segmentation

It is a best practice to test an ad across all age groups. Who knows there might be big results from an unexpected age group? Find out where your target group is located and what are its interests?

3.Define the Ad formats

  • Marketplace Ads on Facebook are very popular as they include ads to other websites, page post ads, sponsored stories and Facebook objects.

  • Run different ad formats to see which one gets the most likes/ clicks

4.Determine an advertising budget

  • Prepare a budget in terms of how much you will be spending on the campaign.
  • Choose a bidding strategy in terms of how much you are willing to pay per click.
  • Choose an appropriate cost model - CPC (Cost per Click) or CPN (Cost per thousand impressions)

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