Things to Know About WORDPRESS

WordPress is one of the most simplest and easy to use software that provides innumerable themes and plug-ins that have helped create some of the most beautiful and stunning websites, apps and blogs that can be seen on the internet today.

WordPress is free and requires no license
This is really the reason why WordPress has emerged as the most widely used CMS (Content Management System). Based on open source PHP technology WordPress is a framework that enables website owners to make updates in the content and look & feel of their websites through a simple and easy to use web administrator interface. Not only this, website owners can make numerous updates on their websites by installing or configuring any one or more of the numerous plug-ins that are provided by WordPress.

At TechIndia Software we harness the full potential of WordPress to create for you awesome websites and apps with some of the most cutting edge features that bring out your products and services in front of your audience.

We take a flexible approach and focus is on bringing your ideas to life so that you are successful in your work. Our team of creative designers is able to choose and recommend to you the most appropriate WordPress themes that bring out the best aspects of your enterprise and your brand.

Services in WordPress
We have an experienced WordPress development team that has successfully completed and deployed several projects for our worldwide clients. Some of the services that we offer using WordPress as a development platform are mentioned below:

– WordPress installation & Configuration
We provide installation and configuration services to those users who are not familiar with WordPress and its usage.

– WordPress Theme development
Creating customized and responsive WordPress themes based on the design briefs submitted by our clients or doing customizations and editing in existing WordPress themes to align them with the expectations of our clients.

– Plug-in development and integration
We provide custom plug-in development in case a plug-in from the WordPress library does not suffice for the desired functionality. Plug-in integration is done for any plug-in that is required to achieve any required feature or functionality.

– Adding new features and functionalities to existing WordPress website
We can add any new feature as required. Examples are Video Gallery, Twitter Feed, Event Calendar, Facebook, Google XML sitemap, Sociable, Event Pack and other features.

– WordPress updates
We keep our clients updated about new developments happening in WordPress especially any new Plug-ins that are available.

– WordPress Blog development
We create Blogs based on the subject matter of our clients and as per their requirements.

– SEO and SEM services
– We optimise the websites of our clients so that they generate more traffic and get more visitors. WordPress has an inbuilt SEO plug-in and a widget that is very effective and promotes SEO. Apart from this WordPress also facilitates content creation and delivery.

– Training in WordPress
We provide training and support to our clients about how to use WordPress especially the Admin module so that they can independently use it as per their needs and make modifications and updates in their websites from time to time.