Things to Know About MAGENTO

Magento is the most popular and widely used Digital Commerce platform in use today for the B2B and B2C segments. No matter what your size of business is, or what your product does, Magento offers you a very wide choice in selling your products online.

Why Magento?

Magento serves the needs of all business segments
Magento has a product line for each business. Large businesses use the Enterprise Edition or the Community Edition whereas smaller organizations use the Small Business Edition. Organisations dealing in clothing and related products use the edition of Magento created especially for fashion. There are also editions of Magento created especially to for Point of Service, Order Management and for the B2B segment.

Worldwide brands choose Magento
Magento has retained its position as the No. 1 platform for eCommerce applications and several well known international brands are now active users of Magento.

Magento is feature rich
Magento offers features that are not available in any other platform namely:
– Multiple Store Management
– Product comparison
– Feature list
– Email List
– Wish List
– Search including advanced search
– Favourites
– Multi – layered navigation
– Content Management
– SEO friendly

Magento integrates easily with Google
Magento websites are able to leverage the benefits of the entire range of Google webmaster tools including Google Analytics. This enables website owners to get real time information about the performance of their website and take corrective action including SEO optimisation.

Magento facilitates multiple store management
Website owners need not have a cumbersome process of managing different storefronts. Magento facilitates setting up of multiple store fronts and a CMS system to manage these store fronts including features of catalogues, price lists and product categories.

Magento offers integration with payment gateways and easy to use carting process
Magento offers several options in integrating with more than 50-60 different payment gateways including PayPal. Moreover, it provides a step by step guide that enables shoppers to make the purchase and exit from the system after making the payment.

Magento – Services offered by TechIndia Software
At TechIndia Software we have a Center of Excellence dedicated to web development services and this includes Magento development. Our service offerings include:

– Magento website design
We present you options in Magento website design – either template based Magento themes or custom Magento website designs. As there are several thousands of themes available, we present only the ones that are relevant for you and your product. In case you are interested to create a unique storefront and choose to go custom, then our team of experienced web designers are able to quickly relate to your business needs and create for you customised Magento website designs. Our Magento website designs have an aesthetic appeal and are responsive and we also ensure that these designs can be easily integrated into the Magento framework and be optimised for the purposes of SEO and analytics.

– Magento development
Our experienced Magento developers can develop Magento websites based on the default Magento framework as well as do customisations to meet specific client requirements. This is handled by using Magento extensions that are able to address the common and most frequently occurring issues of storeowners. In other cases, where Magento extensions are not readily available – for example integration of Magento with other external platforms, then customisation needs to be done.

– Marketing services to target traffic to your Magento website
Our team of SEO and SEM experts run online marketing campaigns that are targeted to your business segment and enable you to generate more traffic to your Magento website. This enables your business to record more leads, earn more revenue and achieve a higher return on your investment.

– Magento support
For a nominal monthly fee we provide Magento support on a dedicated basis. In this engagement we continuously monitor your Magento website and offer you immediate assistance if there is a need to add a new feature or functionality or if there is a need to do customisation or simply if there is a need to add an extension. In cases of emergency, where there is a website crash or if the website is down, then we are able to quickly offer round the clock service to bring you website up.

– Developing extensions for Magento
We can create Magento extensions based on the specific needs of your store. These are based on your exact requirements and apart from development; we also integrate them to your website.

– Magento POS
We can create a Magento Point of Sale (POS) System that can be integrated to your Magento website. It will have the usual features of Magento and will carry all the products that are being sold on the site and are also in the inventory. Moreover, the Magento POS can run on the tablets and smartphones too.