Successful Shopify Stores
Shopify is one of the most popular choices for entrepreneurs around the globe to power their online stores. Proving worthy of their trust, this incredible ecommerce platform is supporting several thousands of online shops that are producing amazing results.

Here is a list of successful Shopify stores whose amazing ecommerce strategies have inspired a galaxy of online shops. In this article, I have highlighted some of their most wonderful ecommerce strategies. In the next few minutes of reading, you will also understand what makes them successful and what ecommerce strategies you must pick up from them.

Greyston Bakery
Based in New York’s Southwest Yonkers, Greyston Bakery is a popular baker in this region. They have an interesting products range through brownies and ice creams. This firm provides professional training and developmental tools for individuals who work with them.

Greyston Bakery takes in all applicants even if they have a previous history of incarceration, drug use records and homelessness. They not only have mazing products, but also provide an interesting place to work. Therefore, their website attracts a huge inflow of visitors.

Their website’s use of bold colors and an innovative use of CTA make you appreciate their creativity instantly.

They have a feature known as shop by price, which you will not see on many ecommerce stores. This feature lets people land on the products that fall into the price range they have in mind without having to sift through the galaxy of items irrelevant to them. This helps minimize the bounce rate.

Happy Organics
This is a beekeepers business that has been in the field for three generations. Originating in Mexico, the firm started when the family found its father reported with cancer and hence could not tend to the bees. Therefore, the children discovered a way to use honey in combination with CBD as a pain relieving application.

In course of their research, they discovered a long list of therapeutic benefits of honey and CBD. Most of this information is available on their website. The first menu you will find on their website is “Bundle & Save”. This feature attracts every visitor and is designed in an eye catching fashion.

When the visitors are drawn to this page, they can save money by grouping a few items together and creates a win-win situation for the customer and the firm as Happy Organics is able to upsell.

Bombas got started with Shark Tank. The quality of their socks won them a lot of customers. They are a highly successful company and have expanded their products much beyond socks. They say they donate a portion of their earnings continuously to some interesting social causes.

They have a simple but elegant website that has a user friendly interface. Their menu is neat and uncluttered. They make an effective use of CTAs letting the visitors clearly understand the options in front of them without compelling them to buy. The link at the bottom “get 20% off” is an effective selling strategy.

One of the best Shopify sites you may come across, the credit goes to its beautifully arranged sections and sub-sections making it a breeze for the visitors to go through the long list of products the store offers for sale.

Patagonia guarantees all its products besides showcasing its social responsibility with a pledge to donate 1% of the sales to projects geared towards preserving and restoring the natural environment.

Visitors find what they want in a few clicks and the firm entices the visitors by illustrating what makes them unique.

Cheekbone Beauty
On their homepage, Cheekbone Beauty narrates its interesting story to attract every visitor. They say they have only vegan and cruelty-free products on their catalogues. By 2023, the firm commits to become waste-free.

They say the company uses 85% lesser plastic than what is used in a conventional lipstick tube. Besides selling environment friendly and sustainable products, the company also donates around 10% of its profits year on year.

One another Shark Tank seller, Pipcorn could quickly increase its sales and turnover. Today it is one of the leading popcorn brands on the market. Due to its commitment to use environment friendly products, they use heirloom corn.

This is a family owned firm and this fact is interestingly emphasized on their website. Their blog also says they support a list of small family-owned businesses.They have recommended items to add to the cart and also showcase discounts in the right places. The overall customer experience feels so great.

Sporting a simple design, Olipop’s website displays rotation offers on top of your screen. Olipop is very much similar to your traditional soda. Nevertheless, it contains plant fiber, botanicals and prebiotics to promote digestive health and microbiome.

How to make the effective use of colors in a shopping website is best learnt from their website. The colors scheme of their website ably plays with the moods of visitors highly influencing their buying decision.

Tasty Tie
Their baby ties are cute products and they have a great store to boost up their sales. They have spared a lot of efforts to talk about the features and benefits of their products. The home page also talks about the lesser known benefits of their offerings.

The tie for instance has crinkle material which may not be evident in the picture. Therefore, the content on their page narrates why it matters. If you really look forward to inspiring content to shape your ideas, you will find this site a great example.

Ruggable’s innovative use of videos to showcase its products is awe-inspiring. If you want some inspiration for your Shopify store’s video content, you will find this one of the best examples.

The website has “find your perfect rug” button displayed prominently and the visitor can take a quiz to make them understand what works best for them. This is an innovative kind of filter that will make customer experience interesting, personalized, engaging and convenient.

Ruggable has developed a great Shopify site that can guide your ecommerce strategy in a comprehensive way.