Getting Started Ecommerce Business with WordPress

Those looking forward to create their eCommerce site will find the process highly intimidating. WordPress is a versatile platform for website development, blogging as well as eCommerce store development due to its highly resourceful nature. This is an age old CMS platforms known to us that has undergone a lot of upgrades and enhancements since its debut to its present state. Above all, this is an open source platform free for use even for commercial purposes. Hence you can depend on its capabilities to develop a sound online store.

One of the top advantages of this platform is that it does not require any coding skills to develop a website or an eCommerce initiative. When you choose to develop your eCommerce store on this platform, you are going to immensely benefit from its plethora of tools, features and add-ons to enrich your online store. You can also integrate it with all the social media sites to promote your business. Here is a step by step guide on getting started ecommerce business with WordPress.

Choose the right web hosting service
Choose a hosting service and get your domain name registered. Opt for the ideal package to achieve your business goals.

Choose the right eCommerce platform
Explore the top eCommerce platforms and choose the right one for developing your online store. Hosted online business solutions like WooCommerce can simplify your set up process and let you get the domain name from the same vendor. While making the choice, opt for the one that is intuitive, flexible and scalable so that it supports your business as it grows to phenomenal heights.

Create your new eCommerce site in WordPress
Due to the overwhelming advantages we discussed earlier, WordPress is a versatile and robust platform suitable for eCommerce ventures. Find the right WordPress Development Company and entrust your online store development initiative. Once you install WordPress on your computer, the built in wizard will walk you through the process with a thorough hand-held assistance. It is important that you do not miss out any vital pages like products and shipping and taxes information. After installing the plugins, you can set up and create the pages you need.

Create your pages
Creating pages is very simple like just clicking on the continue button. You need to them configure the shop locale and define your locality for the system to display the necessary info in the right way. During this step you are expected to answer the basic questions regarding the measurement language and currency.

Set up shipping and taxes
The next step is to set up the shipping and tax screens for defining your tax rates and the handling and shipping policies. This will also specify any domestic or foreign limitations connected to product sales.

Configuring payment gateways
The next step is to configure the payment gateways you opt for. Select from the standard options like C.O.D., ACH (bank transfer), and Paypal, or other payment options by installing add-ons during that time or even later.

Customize Your E-Commerce Store
You have now effectively built your online store. You have now several ways to customize your store with high quality content and a great user experience. Incorporate the cutting edge tools and features into your site and also have some great plugins work for you. These are some sure ways to drive your sales up.

How we can help you
We are a reputed and accomplished WordPress development company with a long experience in this arena. Having delivered some great online that are performing excellently well, we are capacitated to work on your eCommerce venture and deliver great results at the best prices. Call us to get a quote on your eCommerce development project.