Best Strategies for E-Commerce Businesses For 2017
Year on year, e-commerce industry has grown in leaps and bounds. 2016 witnessed a sharp 3 percent rise in spending from the previous year. The challenge in front of e-commerce startups as well as established online stores is to increase the visibility of the business besides retaining the existing customers. Here are three proven strategies to achieve these twin ends.

Mobile rules the game
The sales reports of Black Friday and Cyber Monday in 2016 note that there was a sharp increase in orders received via mobile when compared to the previous year. The retailer giant Walmart revealed that more than 70 percent of its Black Friday web traffic came through mobile devices. In November 2016, E-commerce pulse has reported that the mobile sales were a sharp 31% up from 2015.

An overwhelming number of customers are purchasing through their mobile devices. Beginning from April 2015, Google started viewing mobile friendliness as a signal for the firm’s search engine rankings. The search engine king now allows the users to get easy access to sites on their mobiles ranked in terms of quality and relevancy.

Though these guidelines have changed over time, many sites have not done their bit to catch up with the trend. The key now is to speed up mobile optimization. Studies reveal that most users will not have the patience to stay on a site that loads in more than three seconds. Sites not optimized for mobile devices are fast losing their popularity. Keep mobile optimization on top of your agenda for the year 2017.

Meet security concerns
Amidst the amazing growth of technology, the risk factors are equally on the rise. 2016 witnessed some shocking cyber security crimes on a global scale. The customers of these days are increasingly becoming aware of the security issues. Online merchandise sites have to emphasize more on enhancing their security aspects to win the trust of customers.

Cybercrimes are these days publicized more than any time in the past. Customers think twice before submitting their sensitive data online. The most useful advancements in enhancing security include protecting the online transactions through encrypted connections. SSL can strictly ensure that all data transfers happen on secure HTTPS connection.

Always depend on secure payment gateways to process payments. Magento can seamlessly integrate with all the various security payment gateways. Make the ordering, payment and shipping processes transparent. Communicate all the processes clearly to the customers explaining how to order, how to pay and how long it will take for the delivery. If you stand by what you say, you will be able to win the trust of your customers.

Go Omnichannel
The conventional physical stores are losing out their business to the proliferating online shops. By moving on the Omnichannel, you can give your customers a seamless shopping experience across many market places. This is a key step to enhance the online visibility and boost up sales and compete with the other merchants out there.

Plugging into diverse kinds of marketplaces that are popular is a sure way to diversify your audience and enhance your visibility. If you can reach out your customers through multiple channels, you are taking a sure step to grow fast. These days, customers are shopping around on various market places for products before settling down on a retail store. If you can have your products on as many popular market places as possible, you can get to meet your customers in many places and pull them to buy from your store.

Final words
E-commerce market is one of the fastest growing sectors today. If you have to survive in the most competitive atmosphere today, you will have to stay abreast of the evolving technology. The trend for 2017 is to invest in the high end technology to significantly enhance the user experience and win their confidence by focusing on mobile optimization, enhancing security aspects and resorting to omnichannel selling.